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For any type of assistance while you are in Europe, you can reach our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the numbers listed below.

These numbers are intended for use only by Auto Europe customers who need to contact us regarding our services while in Europe. These numbers are subject to change. Please see our Terms of Use below.

Country Auto Europe
Telephone Number
Australia 0011-800-223-5555-5
Belgium 00-800-223-5555-5
Denmark 00-800-223-5555-5
Finland 00-800-1-156218
France 00-800-223-5555-5
Germany 00-800-223-5555-5
Greece 00-800-11-574-0300
Hungary 00-800-223-5555-5
Ireland 00-800-223-5555-5
Italy 00-800-223-5555-5
Luxembourg 00-800-223-5555-5
Netherlands 00-800-223-5555-5
New Zealand 00-800-223-5555-5
Norway 00-800-223-5555-5
Poland 0-0-800-111-1258
Portugal 00-800-223-5555-5
Spain 900-96-1280
Sweden 00-800-223-5555-5
Switzerland 00-800-223-5555-5
United Kingdom 00-800-223-5555-5

Terms of Use for Auto Europe Telephone Numbers
  1. Some public telephones require deposit of coin or prepaid phone card for dial tone.
  2. Some public telephones require deposit of coin or prepaid phone card payment during call duration.
  3. This service may not be available from some hotels. Be sure to review your hotel's instructions and rates before calling.
  4. Auto Europe handles some non-English languages between 12:00 GMT and 22:00 GMT Monday through Friday.
  5. Auto Europe is not responsible for charges connected with the use of this service. Including, but not limited to hotel phone charges, wireless telephone airtime or long distance charges, or public telephone charges.
  6. This service is intended for use by Auto Europe's clients and customers only.
  7. Auto Europe can not be held responsible for travel interruptions as a result of international telecommunications problems. These problems might prohibit calls from reaching our service center. Should technical problems arise, we can be reached at +44 123 3225 114, 24 hours a day.
  8. By using our number, you hereby agree to these terms.
Please choose your Country of Residence