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United Kingdom

British Tourists' Holiday Facts

This funny and at the same time informative infographic will fill you up on some facts about British tourists abroad, a notorious concept for some. We, however, promise the following information is not all bad. Actually, it's not bad at all as it only deals with straight unbiased facts. Did you know that an average British tourist spends almost £2,000 on their entire holiday?

They will (literary) go to great lengths to have an interesting trip - the average distance they'll pass to reach the desired destination is almost 2,500 miles as if there weren't any pretty places at home! With a usually amazing offer of food and drink at favourite tourist destinations, it's needless to say that an average Brit will turn a blind eye and forget all about calorie counting. Regarding the drinks consumed during a holiday, we come to a whooping 56 cocktails over a two-week holiday on average. Take a look below and see how well you fit into the image of an average British tourist abroad!



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