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German Alpine Road

The German Alpine Road: Experience the longest holiday road in Germany


Along the longest holiday road in Germany - Alpine Road


Ask an automobile enthusiast what route they would like to take over and over again in their dream car, the chances are they will choose the German Alpine Road. Just like the German Fairytale Route, the German Alpine Road has a special significance for most drivers thanks to its wondrous landscape.


The plans to build the German Alpine Road were submitted by the German Touring Club for the first time in the year 1932 and the construction works began in 1933. In only six years, 170 miles of the total distance were already built. Nowadays, the holiday road stretches over 280 miles starting in Lindau on Lake Constance near the Swiss border and ending in Berchtesgaden at the Königsee, only18 miles from Salzburg in Austria.

Drive on the German Alpine Road along the German-Austrian border to experience long stretches of scenic landscape, which will take you past 25 castles (including the famous castles of Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau and Linderhof), 21 lakes and 64 Bavarian mountain villages - an indeed pretty impressive collection of attractions. Sublime nature and excellent quality roads make the German Alpine Road an ideal destination. Silky-smooth roads make this journey into a very special experience. Hop into your car hire with Auto Europe and get enchanted by the German Alpine landscape.

Germany Road Trip Overview: The German Alpine Road


German Alpine Road Trip Day 1

Start your driving adventure along the German Alpine Road in Lindau. Take a walk along Lake Constance or visit the magnificent city. Then, start your trip to the impressive mountain region of Bavaria! Read more...




German Alpine Road Trip Day 2

Dhe first stopover during your road trips along the German Alpine Road is the scenic Immenstadt. Stroll leisurely through the city or visit one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Bavaria - The Wies Church. Read more...




German Alpine Road Trip Day 3

The third day of our Alps Road Tour lets you experience some of the most breathtaking scenery in whole Germany! Make a stop a the Tegernsee, in Reit im Winkl and Ruhpolding before diving into the picture-perfect town and national park of Berchtesgaden! Read more...




German Alpine Road Trip
RouteDistance (miles) Duration
Airport Munich to Lindau129
2 hours
Lindau to Immenstadt3456 minutes
Immenstadt to Steingaden451 hour
Steingaden to Benediktbeuern31
52 minutes
Benediktbeuern to Reit im Winkl671 hour, 39 minutes
Reit im Winkl to Berchtesgaden381 hour
7:30 hours


Plan ahead: Travel service for your road trip in Germany



Along the German Alpine Road Day 1: Lindau at Lake Constance


German Alpine Road Trip Day 1


Your road trip along the German Alpine Road begins in the picturesque town of Lindau on Lake Constance. The easiest way to come to Lindau is from Munich Airport. Book a car hire with Auto Europe in advance and pick up the vehicle up in Lindau.

You should plan a long walk or even one of the guided tours offered in Lindau, a fairly small town, best explored on foot or by bike.

Get to know the incredible architecture in Lindau during an extensive walk. Starting with the 65 feet high Bavarian lions, up to the old town hall and the Mang Tower, the former lighthouse of the port, there will be one attraction after another. Lindau is the perfect starting point for a day trip in your rental car to the neighbouring ports of Bregenz, Konstanz and Friedrichshafen.

Likewise, the city offers a vibrant shopping street where you can buy all kinds of goods, from regional food to souvenirs. The old town will take you back to the Middle Ages.

After enjoying a delicious dinner in one of the excellent restaurants such as Wissingers in Schlechterbrau, the Gasthof Alte Post, relax at one of Lindau's many hotels which never fail to provide exceptional service with generous comfort. Bayerischer Hof, Hotel Garni Brugger and the Island Hotel are some of the best hotels in Lindau. After a hearty Bavarian breakfast, you are ready to hit the road with your car hire in Germany! Take B32 and get ready for the Alpine Road.


German Alpine Road Trip Day 1 Lindau

   Maps and route suggestions are courtesy of Google Maps.

Always drive according to the local traffic regulations.


Plan ahead: Travel service for your road trip in Germany


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Along the German Alpine Road Day 2: Immenstadt, Wieskirche, Benediktbauern

German Alpine Road Trip Day 2

If you leave Lindau right after breakfast, you will reach the beautiful Immenstadt still early in the morning. The city has long been a tourist attraction for skiers, hikers and those dedicated to mountainous outdoor activities. Furthermore, Immenstadt also has two wonderful museums: The Hofmühle and Bergbauernmuseum.


German Alpine Road Trip WieskircheThroughout the city, there are dozens of historically significant buildings and prime examples of 17th century architecture. Some of the most impressive sights in Immenstadt are the ruins of Laubenberger Castle stone and Königsegg Castle. Travelling to Immenstadt in July? You are in for the city festival, the Allgäu Triathlon or the cheese and farmer's market experience. The town is only a short walk up to Kempten.

The next stop on your itinerary is the Wieskirche near Steingaden on the German Alpine Road. The ride takes no longer than about an hour. The cathedral houses some of the finest examples of Rococo architecture. From late June to early August you are welcome to attend several concerts which take place at the church.

German Alpine Road Trip Wieskirche Walchensee


A car hire in Germany from Auto Europe will easily take you from the imposing Wieskirche to Wallgau in less than an hour. Wallgau is a picturesque mountain village with farms dating back to the 16th century. Nearby is the Walchensee, Germany's largest and highest alpine lake. A chairlift will take you to the north-eastern mountain Herzogstand where you will have a unique view of the lake.

There are great places to stay in Wallgau. Parkhotel Wallgau, for instance, is very popular with travellers. So are the hotels Wallgauer Hof, Gasthof Zur Post and Pension PAX. Although Wallgau is modest in size, there are definitely some excellent restaurants such as Gasthof Isartal, Golfalm Wallgau and Holzer's Café Alpenblick. A car hire on the German Alpine Road offers so much flexibility during your trip!







German Alpine Road Trip  2 Immenstadt Map

 Maps and route suggestions are courtesy of Google Maps.
Always drive according to the local traffic regulations.

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Along the German Alpine Road Day 3: Tegernsee, Reit im Winkl, Ruhpolding


German Alpine Road Trip Day 3

The next leg of your journey with a car hire on the German Alpine Road takes you to Tegernsee, a small town nestled on the bank of the same-named lake in approximately one hour. A castle rising on a rock, formerly known as a Benedictine monastery with a brewery, is a beautiful historic complex of buildings. Even though the brewery does not exist anymore, famous Bavarian beer is still served to visitors. A tour of the castle is one of the "must-see attractions" on this tour.

German Alpine Road Trip Tegernsee

A boat trip on the Tegernsee or a scenic cable car ride are another leisure activities we recommend at Tegernsee. Being a prosperous town, it has some of the most expensive real estate in Germany. But in spite of this prestige, the hotels and restaurants in the region are relatively affordable. So go ahead and enjoy a day at Tegernsee.

Once you are back on the German Alpine Road trip in your rental car, head to the picturesque Reit im Winkl only half an hour away. An abundance of small lakes makes the landscape a perfect place for a picnic.
Your next stop is the charming town of Ruhpolding.


During your visit to Ruhpolding, make sure you spend some time in the church of St. George. The church is located in the centre of the city and is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and characteristic churches that you will see in your life. Your next stop is the charming town of Ruhpolding.

The ultimate goal of your trip is Berchtesgaden, which is just a 45 minute drive through some of the most lush valleys of Germany. Once you arrive in Berchtesgaden, you will be fascinated by its beauty and a breathtaking panoramic view of the Alps. Berchtesgaden is a year-round destination. In winter, it is a paradise for skiers, while in the summer it transforms into a colourful picture book and a high-quality tourist resort in the heart of the Alps.


German Alpine Road Trip  Berchtesgaden National Park


The history plays a major role in Berchtesgaden. Despite its unfortunate connection with Hitler and his Nazi regime, the town has gained a lot of cultural significance. The museum in the Royal Castle has documented in detail the life of Crown Prince Rupprecht. Its collection of religious art boasts art pieces created by some of the most notable artists in the country. Another important museum in Berchtesgaden is the local museum located in Adelsheim Palace whose exhibits include some of the most valuable wood carvings in the region.

High above Berchtesgaden on the northern slope of Hohen Goll lies Obersalzberg. History buffs will know this luxurious mountain retreat as Hitler's chalet, Adlerhorst or Eagle's Nest. The Obersalzberg is home to Hotel zum Türken where visitors are offered a coach tour including entrance to the former Nazi-led hotel against a small fee. The hotel is located in a maze of bunkers and tunnels once used by Hitler and his Nazi generals. Trips to the Eagle's Nest are also possible. This luxury hotel offers a remarkable view from the mountaintop and also has a restaurant.


Hotels in Berchtesgaden also play their part to leave you with good impressions from your trip. Many are equipped with heavy wood accents, beamed ceilings and fine props, intended to give the guest the full alpine experience. In addition, some hotels, such as Alpenhotel Denninglehen, offer an excellent view of the surrounding mountain ranges.


German Alpine Road Trip Adlernest If you have planned to drop off your car hire and travel home or to the airport by train, we recommend staying at the Hotel Gruenberger, which is located in close proximity of the station. It has its own terrace overlooking the Ache, an internet café and a wide range of wellness services.

The ultimate and authentic experience is guaranteed in hotel Wittelsbach, dating back to 1892. As one of the oldest in the region, it is also one of the most popular destinations for visitors. If you want to enjoy the tradition and the impressive mountain scenery of this stately hotel, you should definitely make your booking in advance.




German Alpine Road Trip Day 3 Berchtesgaden Map

 Ks and route suggestions are courtesy of Google Maps.
Always drive according to the local traffic regulations.


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German Alpine Road: Travel along the beautiful scenery on German roads


Driving a car hire down the German Alpine Road will take you between six and seven hours from start to finish if you decide not to make any stopovers. However, we recommend taking at least three to four days to visit numerous attractions along the 280-mile scenic route.

Experience the natural beauty of Lindau and Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, right up to Schoenau am Koenigssee in the Bavarian Alps. With our comprehensive travel guide for the German Alpine Road trip, Auto Europe has provided you with necessary tips and suggestions about sights, restaurants and hotels. If you want to do it right now, simply enter your desired dates and other parameters in our booking engine, and you will get a list of all available cars for your dream trip along the German Alpine Road.  All we can do now is wish you a wonderful holiday!


German Alpine Road Trip Berchtesgaden Mountains


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