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Fairytale Road Trip

The German Fairy Tale Road - 500 miles pure magic!

Germany Road Trip - Fairy Tale Road



If you have grown up with the Grimm brothers' tales, a road trip in Germany on the Fairy Tale Road will be exactly the right one for you! The beautiful route through the picturesque landscapes of Germany will let your imagination run wild. Spend a memorable holiday in search of a gingerbread house in sleepy Hessian villages or in dark forests with a car hire in Germany from Auto Europe, your reliable partner on the road.

 The Fairy Tale Road is one of the most beautiful routes in Germany owing its name to the most fabulous scenery from the fairy tales collected by the Grimm brothers. The road runs with a total length of approximately 500 miles along a world taken right out of a picture book, past majestic cathedrals and magical castles. Our road trip takes you from Frankfurt through Marburg all the way to Bremen.

If you are still in the early stages of your travel planning, you should choose either a period in the spring, summer or autumn as all three seasons offer a unique experience.

In spring, the lush river valleys are adorned with colourful carpets of the most beautiful wildflowers. In summer, warm weather is just perfect for car rides, whereas there is a completely different mood in the autumn; the leaves are turning and the mountain villages are slowly covered with a ghostly mist. An equally fantastic sight as the colourful spring!


Germany Road Trip Overview: The German Fairy Tale Road


Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Tag 1
Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Day 2


Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Day 3
Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Day 4


Road Trip in Germany: The Fairy Tale Road
RouteDistance (miles) Estimated duration
Frankfurt to Hanau1629 minutes
Hanau to Steinau an der Straße3030 minutes
Steinau an der Straße to Marburg721 hour, 55 minutes
Marburg to Kassel89 1 hour, 20 minutes
Kassel to Göttingen711 hour, 54 minutes
Göttingen to Hameln782 hours, 7 minutes
Hameln to Bremen1132 hours, 51 minutes
Total:46912 hours, 23minutes


Plan ahead: Travel service for a road trip in Germany




Down the Fairy Tale Road Day 1: Frankfurt to Hanau



Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Day 1

The perfect start to your road trip to Bremen would be in Frankfurt. Mainhatten, as the city is often called, is considered the business capital of Germany. Frankfurt Airport is easily accessible and it is an excellent starting point for exploring the German Fairytale Route.


Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Frankfurt historic centre

Depending on how much time you plan for the entire trip, we recommend spending at least 24 hours in Frankfurt in order not to miss any of the great wonders of Frankfurt am Main: the Senckenberg Museum, the Goethe House, and the Römer.

Experience the magic of the Fairy Tale Road with a rental car in Germany conveniently available at one of the many car hire locations in or near Frankfurt. In about a half hour you will reach your first destination on your itinerary - Hanau. Once in Hanau, you will quickly notice the still-present reverence for the Brothers Grimm. The main attraction of the city is a bronze monument larger than life, built in 1898 to the brothers Grimm.

The nearby castle Philippsruhe is home to a museum dedicated to writers. The exhibits include a collection of clothes, documents and other artefacts that once belonged to the brothers.





Map images and descriptions are from Google Maps

 Please always obey the driving regulations


Plan ahead: Travel Tips for the Fairy Tale Road



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Day 2: From Hanau via Steinau to Marburg


Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Day 2

About 30 minutes from Hanau you will reach Steinau, the only city besides Hanau that can be officially called "Brothers Grimm Town"! Until the age of 12, the brothers lived in Steinau. You will instantly feel you went back in time and dived into the storybooks of your childhood only at the sight of the typical half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets, and palaces with magical towers.

The main attraction to visit during a road trip to Steinau is the birthplace of the Brothers Grimm. The Grimm Brothers' House and the Museum Steinau present the works of the brothers. Schloss Steinau, an imposing castle with a marvellous view over the whole city, is another popular attraction. Plan a visit to the Steinauer puppetry in Steinau Castle and get amused by the ancient art of puppetry.

During your visit with a car hire in Steinau, you should reserve a table for dinner in Brathähnchenfarm. The restaurant is located on a mountain, but the arrival (and the food) is worth the trip. Book a room at Burgmannenhaus, an excellent choice in Steinau. The hotel has the atmosphere of a romantic Brothers Grimm fairy tale, combined with some surprising modern amenities such as Wi-Fi internet service.


Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Marburger Castle

Once you're on the road with your rental car on the German Fairytale Route, take in the beautiful landscape, quiet valleys and pass Freiensteinau, Lauterbach and Alsfeld until you reach your next stop Marburg. Jacob Grimm described the city once with the words "more stairs in the streets than in the houses. Marburg is a quite steep city whose streets are mainly composed of cobblestones.

The city has a university and therefore a high number of students and a young, attractive appearance. As a result, the city offers a wide range of modern shops, restaurants and places to relax.

A significant part of the city's main cultural attractions is the Elisabeth Church or St. Elizabeth's Church, one of the most important buildings of the city and with a generous collection of religious art, frescoes and statues. Go sightseeing with a car hire in Marburg and stay free on your travels.

For your stay during a road trip in Marburg, we recommend Welcome Hotel Marburg. Despite the fact that the hotel's exterior outside cannot hold a candle to the most other buildings in vicinity, it still offers some of the most comfortable rooms in the city with its own restaurant "Tartaruga", a bar, and a sauna.

Fairy Tale Road Hanau Karte


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Day 3: From Marburg via Kassel to Göttingen


Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Day 3

At the beginning of the third day, drive your rental car on the scenic Fairytale Road Trip to Kassel. The journey with a car hire to Kassel should not take more than hour and a half. The Grimm brothers spent their youth as librarians for the King of Westphalia - Jerome Bonaparte, who was also the youngest brother of Napoléon in Kassel.

Much of the city from the days of the Grimm brothers was destroyed by the Second World War. The city was eventually rebuilt, but without regard to its former architectural appearance. Nevertheless, Kassel offers its visitors two worthwhile visits during their stay - the Grimm brother's Museum as well as the Wilhelmshöhe, a castle and a mountain park, which lies on the western edge of Kassel, and is considered the largest hill landscape in Europe. A giant statue of Hercules is guarding the hill. If you decide to climb the mountain, put on some comfortable shoes and bring sufficient drinking water with you.


Fairy Tale Road Kassel Park

Your next stop along the Fairy Tale Road on your road trip to Kassel is Göttingen. After only about 45 minutes of driving north you will arrive in the famous university town, Göttingen. The Grimm brothers taught here once as professors. One of the most visited places in the city is the central square where you can see the statue of a little girl with the goose, one of the most kissed statues in the world. It is said that anyone who kisses the Mother Goose, will be rewarded with happiness. So it is not surprising that every year the graduates of the local university kiss the statue as a token of gratitude.

The culinary scene in Göttingen is, as expected, mostly influenced with traditional German fare. Located on the edge of the forest land, the restaurant Lockemann is worth a visit anytime. Take the bus 10 until the last stop and walk in a few minutes the street along 'Im Beeke' to the restaurant. For a change, visit the trendy Mediterranean restaurant Gaudi, which serves everything from tapas to pasta and seafood .
For a romantic stay, choose hotel Gebhards and enjoy some real luxury. With dark wood accents and floral prints, a hot tub and sauna, the hotel offers relaxation and comfort, so that you can head to the last leg of your journey here.


Fairy Tale Road Marburg Map


Map images and descriptions are from Google Maps

 Please always obey the driving regulations



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Day 4: From Göttingen via Hameln to Bremen


Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Day 4

With your luxury car hire, you will approximately need one hour and a half to reach Hameln. Follow the footsteps of Pied Piper In Hameln, a small town still reminiscent of the famous story.

In the city centre, you will find some prime examples of the Weser Renaissance. Pay special attention to the Pied Piper house and the wedding house. In mid-September, the terrace of the wedding house hosts two open-air events and so will the legend of Pied Piper revived every summer.


Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Hameln River


The last leg of the journey on the Fairy Tale Road consists of a two-hour drive in your car hire from Hameln to Bremen, the smallest city state in Germany. Bremen is home to the oldest and second largest port in the country. Since there is quite a lot to see, you should plan an early afternoon start from Hameln to reach Bremen before nightfall. The night life in and around the Schnoor quarter is always worth a visit. On the 5th day, you can then devote your time to the magnificent sights of Bremen.
The popular places to visit druing a road trip to Bremen are the Market Square, located in the charming old town, the Roselius House Museum and the St. Peter's Cathedral, a Gothic cathedral from the 11th century. Another popular landmark of the city can be found on the main square - the famous statue of the Bremen Town Musicians from the Grimm brother's fairy tale.The funny and highly ironic fact about the story is that the four animals in the fairy tale have never made it to Bremen.
Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Bremen Centre

There are a variety of restaurants and bars in Bremen, which lend themselves to a visit. On your last evening, pay a visit to Ratskeller and enjoy some northern German specialities. The restaurant is located in a cavernous basement, and is known as one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Germany. The dishes at Ratskeller are affordable, its walls are lined with wine barrels and it has been in operation for more than six centuries. If you have set no price limit for your last night in Bremen, then Grasshoffs Bistro should exactly match your taste. This French-inspired restaurant is trendy, super-small and quite exclusive. It is the best choice to enjoy wine and cheese in Northern Germany.


There is a variety of restaurants and hotels which can be found during a trip with a car hire in Bremen for every budget. There are upscale hotel palaces like Dorint Park as well as quaint, customer-focused hotels like Pension Weidmann. Your choice will ultimately depend on your budget.


Fairy Tale Road Göttingen Karte

 Map images and descriptions are from Google Maps

 Please always obey the driving regulations


Plan ahead: Travel service for your Fairy Tale Road Trip in Germany


Now you have an idea of what to expect on your road trip along the German Fairy Tale Route. All you need to do now is plan your trip. With the Road Trip Guide provided by Auto Europe, you are well equipped for a perfect trip. Plan now your trip in car hire from Germany with Auto Europe.


Road Trip Fairy Tale Road Germany


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