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Day Trips from Malaga

Malaga not only offers heaps of sunshine and beautiful beaches, but also some of the cheapest car hire rates in Spain and all of Europe! This has made Malaga one of the most popular holiday destinations around, and has, of course, resulted in a surge of tourists flocking to the seaside town each year. If you are planning on spending your next vacation in Malaga, but would like the opportunity to explore more of the region and escape the crowds, our new infographic is here to help!


Thanks to our extensive network of partners in Spain, Auto Europe can offer its clients very affordable car rental services in a large number of destinations around the country. In Malaga, you can pick up your car at Malaga Airport, at the railway station, or at one of many downtown locations dotted around the city. Book online or call us to save big on your next car hire booking!


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