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Get the Lowdown on Airline Hand Luggage Rules

It?s early morning when you pack your personal belongings in a rush to catch your plane. And of course, last night you just didn't have the time or wish to pack. You are ready, on your way to the airport and praying to be on time and not to have forgotten anything vital. If you are lucky to have picked everything you need for the trip, there is one final obstacle travellers fear. The hand luggage!


How much is allowed to be taken on board depends on the airline you are flying with. If you are a frequent flyer, you probably more or less know the hand luggage limit allowed by your flight company, but would you convert if you knew you could take more on board with a different airline?


For all the less of frequent travellers and those who fly on a regular basis, we present an infographic with hand luggage limits allowed by individual airlines, which vary greatly depending on who you fly with. Some companies allow only one peace of hand luggage of maximum ten kilograms weight, whereas others allow up to two pieces. Another factor is the travel class you book; in business class you are allowed to take more luggage into the cabin. 


What exactly can be taken on board is yet another area of expertise. There are objects you are not allowed to have on the plane, and those you need to put into plastic bags, such as cosmetics, and there are also volume limits. Flight companies provide sufficient relevant information on their websites. However, this is the subject for yet another infographic. Take a look at the one below to have an idea what are the hand luggage limits across individual airlines. 


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