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Most annoying things on holiday

We have taken a reversed approach to find out what makes people happy on holiday. Instead of asking what makes them contented, we inquired about what disturbs them. In other words, we have followed the idea "what doesn't upset you makes you happier". And it seems just about right, as you would rather hear people complaining than praising something, wouldn't you? If you can't hear complaints at the hotel reception, it surely is a sign that, at least some things, have gone as expected.


Participants in Auto Europe's survey came from different countries and various cultural backgrounds. What unites them are their answers. It turns out that 45% of respondents think that the most annoying thing on holiday are other people. Wait a second, but that means us! What our respondents feel strongly about are tourists being tourists and children being... children. It seems that the recipe for a happy holiday is to go to a desert island to avoid tourist crowds in tourist places.


Take a look at our infographic below, and find out what our survey results are in detail.


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