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Refundable Excess Insurance


 Refundable Excess Insurance

Be Covered with Refundable Excess Insurance 

We all travel for different purposes, whether it be for holidays, family or business. Something we can all agree on, however, is that we want to stay safe and should the unimaginable happen, we want to be sure we are properly protected. Auto Europe has the perfect solution for customers after peace of mind on their next self-drive holiday: Refundable Excess Insurance. Insure your car hire online when completing your booking, plus save time and money compared to local insurances at the counter.


Add Refundable Excess Insurance to My Booking


Adding Refundable Excess to your booking is simple! Simply add on the product when prompted during the online booking process. Alternatively, you can call one of our reservation agents on our toll-free number 0800 358 1229 who can add it to your booking. The policy below displays insurance information, which will help you on your next holiday.




  Policy Limit
  Type of Cover
  Travel Costs You Can Claim
  Policy Limitations
  Complaints Procedure

Vehicles Covered
Third Party Claims
When You are Not Covered 
Special Conditions
General Conditions

Insurer Responsibility
Data Protection
Your Rights

  You are covered for the financial loss claimed by the rental company during the period of your 
  rental agreement for the physical damage or theft of your rental vehicle. In addition, we will cover 
  related fees, subject to the limits outlined hereunder, in accordance with the terms and conditions 
  of this contract. The Policy Limit for this rental agreement is shown here above. For the avoidance 
  of doubt, the maximum amount claimable under this policy is the amount shown in the Policy Limit 

  Theft of vehicle
  You are covered for the costs incurred in relation to the incident
  of theft of your rental vehicle. If the theft is deemed to have been 
  caused by a lack of reasonable care, including but not limited to 
  failure to remove keys from the vehicle, you will not be covered. 
  If the theft has led to a criminal charge, an enforceable fine or 
  misdemeanour charge from the relevant authorities, neither the 
  associated or consequential costs, nor any costs from the rental 
  company can be claimed.

Policy Limit
  Damages Include
  You are covered for any financial loss relating to damage of your 
  rental vehicle during the rental agreement, including damage to:
  • The roof
  • The underbody
  • Windscreen and mirrors (external glass damage costs
    including chips, cracks, replacement and fitting).
  • Lights (damages to headlights and other external lights
    and lamps).
  Damages Not Included
  •   Damage to the car transmission and clutch is not covered.
Policy Limit
  You are covered for tyre puncture, repairs or the cost of the tyre(s)


  Key cover & Lockout
You are covered for the cost of replacing a lost or stolen rental
  vehicle key, including replacement locks and locksmith charges
  & key delivery costs. You must follow the guidelines prescribed
  by the rental company.
  You are also covered in the event that you are unintentionally
  locked out of a rented vehicle with the keys inside for the necessary
  costs incurred to open the car without causing any further damage.
  The rental company must approve the locksmith prior to a locksmith
  being called out.


You are covered for the cost incurred in regards to incorrect fuel
  usage. Includes engine flush and refuelling.

Policy Limit

  Additional Hired Items
You are covered for costs incurred as a result of theft or physical
  damage to any additionally hired items (for which additional
  itemised charges have been paid), for which you are held
  responsible under the rental agreement, such as GPS, child seats,
  and toll passes.  
  You are not covered for damage caused by misuse or neglect.

  Roadside repairs & costs
  You are covered for costs relating to call out fees, battery
  replacements and repair costs.

Policy Limit

  Towing costs
You are covered for financial loss following physical loss or damage
  to your rental vehicle or mechanical breakdown of the rental vehicle
  which results in a charge to you that has not and will not be
  reimbursed by the rental company. In the event that the towing
  charges derive from a 'loss of key' or 'lock out' or similar 
  key-related issue, the driver must follow the process and guidelines
  prescribed by the rental company. If a towing company attends to
  the vehicle rather than an authorised locksmith, and where the
  rental company's process guidelines have not been followed, any 
  ensuing key replacement costs will not be recoverable through this

Policy Limit 
  Storage Impound Fees
You are covered for fees incurred if your rental vehicle is towed
  to a storage facility following a vehicle breakdown or accident.

Policy Limit

  Credit Card Fees
You are covered for credit / debit card fees charged by the rental
  company for processing your damage costs.


  Admin Costs
  You are covered for any costs relating to you substantiating your
  claim, including but not limited to: Handling fees, carriage fees,
  postal fees, accident fees, administration fees or anything of a
  similar nature.


  Drop-off / Relocation of damaged vehicle
You are covered for any drop off charges you incur in the event
  of an accident that necessitates the relocation of a vehicle from
  the accident site, depot or towing destination, to another
  destination chosen by the rental company at their discretion.

Policy Limit

  Loss of Use Charges
You are covered for costs you are charged by the rental company
  for loss of use of the rental car while the car is being repaired.


  Curtailment / Refund of unused rental days

  You and any of your travelling party are covered under this policy if
  the car rental agreement is cancelled or cut short due to a  medical
  condition that has effected yourself or one of your traveling party or
  an immediate family member of yourself, one of the travelling party
  for which you are able to provide a medical certificate, or an accident
  or mechanical breakdown or similar misadventure which necessitates
  the cancellation of your rental vehicle and where there is no refund
  from the rental company for the unused portion of the rental.

Policy Limit
  Minimum & maximum age at date of issue 

21 - 85 years of age (inclusive) 
  Maximum duration per rental

 365 days 
  Demands and needs statement:
  This Insurance meets the demands and needs of those eligible customers who 
  rent a vehicle and wish to insure the financial loss claimed by the rental 
  company during the period of your rental agreement.   
  What makes up this policy?
The policy wording and the voucher provided by the Auto Europe.   
  Monetary limits:
We will insure you up to the amount shown in the Policy limit found here above.


  At CBL Insurance Europe DAC, we care about our customers and believe in building long-term
  relationships by providing quality products combined with a high standard of service. If it
  should happen that you have cause for complaint about your policy, you should first contact
  your insurance intermediary:

  Complaints Officer, Auto Europe, Deutschland GmbH. Landsberger Str. 155. D-80687
  Munich Germany.
  Tel: 0800 358 1229

  If the complaint is still not resolved to your satisfaction, you should write to Our Complaints
  Department at:

  CBL Insurance Europe DAC, 13 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2.

  If you remain unsatisfied with your complaints resolution, you can contact:

  The Financial Ombudsman Service
  Exchange Tower
  London E14 9SR

  Tel: 0800 023 4 567 (calls to this number are now free on mobile phones and landlines)
  When calling from outside of the UK, please call on +44 20 7964 0500


  Your right to take legal action is not affected by following any of the above procedures. 



  Rental vehicles, authorised car share vehicles, mechanic loan cars, accident replacement
  vehicles and vehicles that are 12 seats or less.


  In the event that a reimbursement is pending for a claim against a third party who is
  deemed 'at fault', the Claims Team will outline steps involved for covering the financial 
  loss while the third party claim is settled.


  a) Any claim where you have not met the terms of your car rental agreement.
  b) Any claim where a contravention of the local laws has taken place resulting in a court action
  or an enforceable action including but not limited to a misdemeanour fine or infringement notice.  
  c) Commercial vehicles & buses that are not eligible to be driven using a standard UK driver's
  licence unless you have chosen to add them to your policy and they are included in "What
  types of vehicles are covered" above. Also does not cover:

  • Motorhomes that have a built-in shower or toilet,
  • Campervans with in-built sleeping "berths", trailers, caravans, camper trailers, non-passenger carrying vehicles, motorcycles and scooters/mopeds.
  d) Driving on unsealed roads except when the road is a private road to an accommodation
    venue unless you have chosen to add "Off-road 4x4" to your policy and it is included in
  'What types of vehicles are covered' above.


  a) If at any time of any incident which results in a claim under this policy, there is another
  insurance covering the same loss, damage, expense or liability we will pay the amount
  remaining after the claim amount is confirmed by the other insurer within the limit of the Policy.

  b) You must provide us with; 
   i) Final invoices from the rental company and repair companies (windscreen repairers, smash
  repairers, assessment providers etc.) which show;
  • The cost of the repairs undertaken.
  • The total charges from the car rental company in respect of the finacial loss and other charges related to the accident. 
  ii) Other documents as requested by your claims officer.
  iii) All correspondence and documents shared between you and the rental company.

  1) You must take all reasonable precautions to avoid accident, injury, serious illness or theft.

  2) This policy must have been purchased prior to the commencement of a car rental agreement
  for which you wish this policy to be operative.

  3) Cover during the insurance period will take effect from the time you take legal control of the
  rental vehicle and will cease at the time the car rental company assumes control of the rental
  vehicle, whether at its business location or elsewhere.

  4) The insurance is provided for one rental vehicle at any one time, which may be driven and
  operated by you.

  5) Written notice of accidents, proceedings or any other events that may give rise to a claim
  must be given to us within 45 days of the date of the incident.

  6) All certificates, information and evidence required by us shall be furnished at the expense of
  you or your legal representatives and shall be in such form and of such nature as we may prescribe.
  You shall as often as may reasonably be required to submit, to a medical examination on behalf
  of the insurer at your expense.

  7) Except with our written consent, you or your representative(s) are not entitled to admit
  liability on our behalf or to give any representations or other undertakings binding upon us.
  We shall be entitled to the absolute conduct, control and settlement of all proceedings arising
  out of or in connecting claims in your name.

  8) We may at our own expense take proceedings in your name to recover compensation from
  any third party in respect of any indemnity provided under this policy and any amounts recovered
  shall belong to us. You agree to provide all reasonable assistance to us to recover such amounts.

  9) Any fraud, concealment, or deliberate misstatement either in the application which this insurance
  is based on in relation to any other matter affecting this insurance or in connection with the making
  of any claim hereunder shall render this insurance null and void, all claims hereunder shall be
  forfeited and we may inform the police of the circumstances, and seek to recover previously
  paid claims.

  10) This policy is not valid if you (and all the other driver on the rental agreement) are unable to
  meet the eligibility criteria;

  a) You are aged between 21 and 85 years of age inclusive and
  b) You hold a valid, internationally recognised driving licence.
  c) You are eligible to rent and drive the rental vehicle and able to adhere to the terms of the
  car rental agreement.
  d) You are listed on the car rental agreement.


  1) Any claim if you have not paid the appropriate amount of premium.

  2) Any claim if you:
  a) Do not hold a full and valid and internationally recognised driving licence, or
  b) The driver at the time is not a named person on the car rental agreement.

  3) Any claim if the car rental agreement is longer than 365 continuous days under a daily policy.

  4) Claims arising directly or indirectly from:
  a) Your suicide or attempted suicide.
b) Your self-inflicted injury or illness.
  c) Your wilful exposure to danger (except in an attempt to save a human life).
d) You being under the influence of alcohol or drugs (other than drugs taken in accordance
with treatment prescribed and directed by a registered medical practitioner, not for the
treatment of drug addiction).

 5) Claims directly or indirectly caused by:
a) Any fraudulent, dishonest or criminal act committed by you or any other person you are
in collusion with.
b) Driving the rental vehicle in a violation of the terms of the car rental agreement.
c) Persons who are not named on the car rental agreement.
d) Drivers who are aged under 21 years or over 85 years at either the time of purchasing
this policy or the date of commencement.

  6) Claims relating to:  
a) The rental of a bus, motorhome, trailer, caravan, truck, non-passenger carrying vehicle,
motorcycle, moped, motorbike, off-road vehicle being used off-road, vehicles carrying 13 or
more passengers or a recreational vehicle.
b) Vehicles that are not rented from a licenced car rental company.
c) Losses occurring whilst driving on unsealed roads, safaris or adventure trails. 

  7) Claims from loss or destruction of, or damage to any property whatsoever, or any loss or
  expense whatsoever resulting in or arising there from or a consequential loss of any legal
  liability of whatsoever nature, directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to, or arising from;

a) Ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel; or
b) The radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of an explosive nuclear
assembly or nuclear component thereof.

  8) Losses or damage directly or indirectly occasioned by happening through or in a consequence
  of war, an act of terrorism, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared
  or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power of confiscation
  or nationalisation or requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of
  any government of public or local authority.

  9) Losses in respect to any property or expenses more specifically insured or any claim which, 
  but for the existence of this insurance, should be recoverable under any other insurance.

  10) Claims or incidents that may give rise to a claim not notified directly un writing to us within
  45 days of the date of the incident.


  All personal information supplied by you will be treated in confidence by us and will not be
  disclosed to any third parties except where your consent has been received or where permitted by
  law or as required in the performance of existing contracts of insurance. In order to provide you
  with products and services this information will be held in the data systems of us or our agents
  or subcontractors. In accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Legislation, you have
  the right to receive a copy of all your personal data held by us following a written request (in
  respect of which a small fee may be charged) and to have any inaccuracies in that personal
  data corrected.

  This document contains important information to help you understand the features, benefits
  and risk of this insurance.

  The Cancellation Terms allow you to cancel the policy without cause and in doing so you will
  obtain a full refund of premium, provided the car rental agreement has not commenced and you
  have not reported or intended to report a claim. Insurance policies are legally required to include
  a Cooling-Off Period, provided the car rental agreement has not commenced you may cancel the
  policy within 500 days of the issue date.

  CBL Insurance Europe may pay remuneration to Auto Europe. The type and amount of remuneration
  may vary and may include commissions, a share of profits and other payments. Please contact either
  CBL Insurance Europe or Auto Europe for further details.


  Accident means a sudden, unexpected event caused by something external and visible, which
  results directly in loss, damage or physical bodily injury.

  Act of terrorism means an act, including but not limited to the use of force or violence and /or
  the threat of any person or group of persons whether acting alone or on behalf of, or in connection
  with any organisation, or government, committed for political, religious, ideological or similar
  purposes including the intention to influence any government and/or the public, or any section of
  the public in fear.

  Additional Drivers
are individuals listed on a rental agreement who are not the policyholder.

  Associated Costs and Charges mean costs which may apply in addition to an excess charge,
  that are applied in the event of an accident by the rental company. These include loss
  of use ('demurrage''), administration fees, credit card fees and relocation and recovery fees, and 
  their equivalents.

  Car Rental Agreement
means the contract provided by a car rental company in respect to the
  provision of a rental vehicle that contains the signature of the policy holder and that states the
  excess for which the policy holder is responsible.

  Car Rental Company means a commercial operation in business to rent out vehicles that is fully
  licenced, where applicable, by the regulator authority of that country, state or local authority.

  Certificate of Insurance / Voucher of Insurance means an insurance validation certificate
  issued to you which describes who and what is covered under this policy. This is emailed after
  purchase and includes your invoice. Country of Residence means your usual place of residence,
  no less than 6 months of the year.

  Excess means the amount for which you are held responsible under the terms of the rental
  agreement as a result of the physical loss of or damage to the rental vehicle, including fire,
  vandalism, theft and loss of use.

  Public Road means a road that is sealed and recognised by the relevant authority.

  Period of Insurance is the period referred in the Certificate of Insurance.

  Rental Company means a company who rents or facilitates the rental or loan of vehicles
  including but not limited to rental vehicles, peer to peer platforms, car share platforms,
  accident replacement vehicles and loan cars.

  Rental Vehicle / Car means a vehicle that is not a motorhome with inbuilt cooking and plumbing
  facilities unless you have chosen to add them to your policy and they are included in 'What types of 
  vehicle are covered' above, motorbike, scooter, golf buggy, bus of 13 or more seats unless you have 
  chosen to add them to your policy and they are included in the 'what types of vehicle are covered' 
  section above.

  Theft means a vehicle that has been stolen or removed, to either a known or unknown location,
  without your permission.

  Underbody means the underside of the vehicle excluding bumpers and trim.

  We, Us and Our means CBL Insurance Europe DAC, 13 Upper Fitzwilliam street, Dublin 2, Ireland,
  an Insurance company registered, authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
  Registration Number: 218234
  Central Bank of Ireland Number: C33526

  You and your means those individuals including the policyholder who are listed on a rental
  agreement where the rental agreement also includes you (the policyholder).



Please choose your Country of Residence