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The Apps That Will Change The Way You Travel

Today, 9 out of 10 European travellers use their mobile phone while on vacation to find information, share photos on social networks, to book online... For many, a smartphone is a travel companion you cannot leave at home. Read on, and view our infographic below, to find out which travel apps we think are the most download-worthy, and exactly how they can help you during your next trip.


How do Travellers Use their Smartphones?


While staying in contact with your travel pals and those back home still ranks highest among phone functions, today your little pocket device works also as a camera, tour guide, travel agent, translator, map, and much more. Thus, besides taking snapshots of your vacation, popular functions while travelling include looking up maps, the weather, sights to see and places to go, as well as translations and currency conversions.


Our Favourite Travel Apps


There are lots many great apps out there that will make driving in a foreign country so much easier. Take for example Appy Travellers and Waze, both of which have functions allowing you to avoid traffic jams or plan your travel time more accurately, as well as finding petrol stations along the way. Parkopedia helps you find a car park and even gives real time updates on space availability and prices, and Going Abroad will give you the lowdown on traffic rules across EU Member States.


Finally, our Top 3 favourite travel apps. Google Maps will, without a doubt, be your best friend when you find yourself in a new city, not only allowing you to find out where you are, but also giving information on whatever facilities and sights you have around you. Similarly, TripAdvisor has become a necessity for frequent and occasional travellers alike, where you can make it easier to narrow down your choices by looking at online reviews. Last but not least, the Auto Europe app allows you to book car hire at over 20,000 locations in 150 countries around the world!



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