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    Travelling in Germany

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    Germany Travel Information

    Nowadays Germany has nearly 6,000miles / 9660km of Autobahns and an extremely well developed network of lesser highways. This makes travelling in Germany exceptionally easy and pleasant, and the German network is interconnected with networks in neighbouring countries.

    Germany Time Difference

    Germany is in the Central European Time Zone. Central European Standard Time (CET) is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1), so don't forget to set your clock when driving your cheap car hire to Frankfurt.

    Language in Germany

    German is the official language. Local dialects can be confusing, but virtually all Germans speak 'Hochdeutsch' (standard German) and respond happily to visitors who attempt to speak German. English is widely spoken in major cities, especially in the former West Germany, so don't hesitate to ask for directions when driving your cheap car hire in Berlin.

    Electricity in Germany

    Electricity in Germany is 230 V, 50 Hz. The Continental two-round-pin plug is standard.

    Currency in Germany

    After booking your cheap car hire in Munich, take a look at the current exchange rates to prepare for your holidays. The currency in Germany is the Euro (EUR). You will find ATM machine in Germany's cities and main towns. The local tax is 16%

    Tourism in Germany

    When planning your holiday with a car hire in Germany, be sure to take a look at the following websites to find our tourist office locations, places to visit, accommodations and other helpful information before travelling. Visit the German National Tourist Office webpage.

    Germany Visa & Embassy Information

    There is no holiday visa requirement for UK citizens travelling to Germany. Only passport required. The British Embassy in Germany is located in Berlin. To know more about UK Embassies in Germany and other information, visit the website provided.

    Before you book your cheap car hire in Germany, it's probably worth taking a look at the above essential travel information, which includes everything you need to know when planning your holiday, as well as all the arrangements you need to make before travelling.

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