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    Can I hire a car with less than 26 years of age?

    There exist numerous worldwide programs and activities with the sole aim of attracting enthusiastic young travelers. Don’t miss this opportunity to potentially change your life! Auto Europe has over 60 years car hire industry experience, in addition to hiring cars to under 26 year olds. We know beforehand what you can expect in terms of fees, insurance requirements and are available to provide plenty of travel tips. Following you will find some important information, together with useful tips.

    Auto Europe’s experienced reservation agents will provide everything you need to know about car hire age limits and any additional young driver fees beforehand, so that you can make an informed decision before hiring your car.

    What exactly is a young driver fee?

    If you are planning to hire a car under 26 years of age, you will generally be considered a young driver and have to pay an additional young drivers fee. A young driver fee is in essence an additional daily fee added to your original car hire quotation. This amount will be deducted from your credit card upon collecting your vehicle. The amount will be set by the car hire supplier and will be applied locally at the supplier desk. Many suppliers do cap the fee at a certain amount, which is good when planning to hire the car for longer periods. To find out what exactly the fee amount will be, please consult your individual vouchers terms and conditions.

    Please note, that the young driver fee, as well as the additional driver fee, is applied individually per person. If at the time of pick-up you wish to add an additional driver to your reservation, and if this driver is considered by the supplier as a younger driver, then along with being charged a fee for the additional driver, you will also be charged a young driver fee on top.

    But we do have some good news! There exist some car hire suppliers that allow you to add one additional driver for free - which will go some way to reducing your overall car hire costs. It is also good to note, that if collecting your car hire in the USA, many suppliers allow partners to be added to the reservation as an additional driver at no extra cost. However, if one of the partners is considered a young driver by the supplier, then a young driver fee will apply, and in some cases if both partners are young drivers, you will end up paying two young driver fees on top.

    Minimum age to hire a car

    The minimum age to drive a car is assigned by the relevant country you are visiting. Apart from this, the individual car hire suppliers can also assign a higher age if desired. For example, the minimum age limit to drive a car in Germany is 18 years of age. However, a car hire supplier can raise this minimum age limit to 21 or more, if desired.

    Available car categories depending on driver age

    Renting a car with less than 26 years of age can affect the types of car categories available with individual car hire suppliers. The option to hire a car from a higher class, sports or luxury category is greatly diminished or even non-existent depending on your age. You may ask “Doesn’t having a fully comp insurance make you legible?” In this case, it is good to note that car hire suppliers, as the principle owners of the vehicles can and will set their own rules, terms and conditions. They can set their own decisions in regards to age limits, fees, etc, and Auto Europe as a broker has no influence or control over this.

    Hiring a car with less than 26 years of age – Car Insurance Conditions

    Upon making your booking, whether it be through our secure online booking engine or via the telephone with one of our experienced agents, it is very important to provide us with the driver’s correct age. Knowing the correct age will allow us to provide the correct fees, seek out the car hire suppliers which allow under 26’s to hire and establish which fleets are available for your age range, etc. For example, drivers over 26 years of age are allowed to collect a car hire with just basic insurance and place a deposit on their credit card. Whilst, drivers under 26 years old may have a car hire quotation that already includes insurance, in addition to a young driver fee. For further information on compulsory car insurance, other extras and fees, consult the remaining Auto Europe travel tips section.

    The importance of driving licence issue dates

    The majority of car hire suppliers require that a driving licence be issued for at least a year before hiring a car. Auto Europe’s voucher terms and conditions will also advise whether or not you will need to apply for an international driving permit before you travel. The international driving permit, which must be presented alongside your UK driving licence, is a direct translation of your licence into various languages with the aim of facilitating local authorities to understand your driving entitlements. This is normally required when travelling outside of the European Union, and we advise you always have these in your possession when travelling abroad.

    How to reduce your fees when hiring a car with less than 26 years of age.

    The simplest way to reduce your car hire costs, is to have someone in your group that is over 26 years of age and is willing to be the only driver during your trip. The second option, in case everyone in the group is under 26 years of age, is to choose the person who loves to drive the most and only have them as the designated driver throughout the holiday. Having just the one person as the driver means only paying for one young driver fee.

    Now that you are familiar with the international rules and all your options for when hiring a car with less than 26 years of age, use our online secure booking engine to make your reservation with us.