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    Car Hire Infographic: Practical tips

    Auto Europe strives to offer its clients only the best. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve and keep pace with the newest trends in communication, we are proud to present you with our illustrative infographics on various topics ranging from car hire to driving tips and travel.

    Car Hire - Driving on the continent

    Driving on the Continent

    Have you ever had any dilemmas about driving in Europe? Drinking alcohol when driving is absolutely ... Click here to read more

    Oktoberfest in Munich


    As we draw closer to the end of September, Oktoberfest sets off in Munich, Germany! The tents on the so-called Theresienwiese ... Click here to read more

    Car Hire Tips from Auto Europe

    Car Hire Tips

    Fortunately, the times when a car was considered a luxury belong to the past. Today, it is next to impossible to go through our daily lives without a car ... Click here to read more

    Travelling with pets

    Travelling with Pets

    If going on holiday without your pet is out of the question, no need to despair! Our new infographic brings you advice, as well as interesting figures... Click here to read more

    Day Trips around Malaga

    Day Trips from Malaga

    Malaga not only offers heaps of sunshine and beautiful beaches, but also some of the cheapest car in Spain and all of Europe!This has made... Click here to read more

    Best travel apps on the market

    The Apps That Will Change The Way You Travel

    Today, 9 out of 10 European travellers use their mobile phone while on vacation... Click here to read more

    9 crazy contests in Finland

    9 Crazy Contests in Finland You Must Try Out

    Alert, alert, quirky competitions fans! What gets your blood pumping? Funny sports and weird competitions? If the... Click here to read more

    Surprising Ski Resorts

    Unexpected Places for Ski Resorts

    Already planned the ski holiday for this season? Europeans usually go skiing to popular ski resorts in countries such as... Click here to read more

    Christmas Worldwide

    Christmas Worldwide

    Only a few weeks are left until Christmas! Peoplecelebrate it nearly everywhere in the world, but not everyone does... Click here to read more

    Survive Winter

    Escape the Winter

    We have left the summer behind us, which means that now we have the winter to look forward to. And even though there are people among us who can't... Click here to read more

    European Christmas Markets

    The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

    The Christmas season is the best time to rediscover the most popoular European capitals in an entirely... Click here to read more

    Hand luggage restrictions

    Get the Lowdown on Airline Hand Luggage Rules

    It's early morning when you pack your personal belongings in a rush to catch your plane... Click here to read more

    Motorway Driving Rules

    Motorway Luxury

    With a dash of glamour on the every holiday can only get better. Get familiar with Auto Europe's offer and motorway regulations... Click here to read more

    Winter Road Rules EU

    Winter Tyres Regulations

    If you are driving abroad this winter, you should prepare yourself for more severe weather conditions than at home, especially, if heading to winter sports... Click here to read more

    Auto Europe Statistics

    2014 Auto Europe Statistics

    To find out what are the top summer and winter destinations check our infographic. Who and where travelled the most... Click here to read more

    UK Theme Parks

    Theme Parks UK

    Cotton candy, carousels, thrills and spills, here we come! The most imaginative theme parks in the UK all in one place - our new infographic! We have hand-picked 7 cool theme parks for you! Click here to read more

    Diving Holiday

    Diving on Holiday

    Diving holiday? Why not! More and more people decide for active holidays and diving is one of the most popular holiday sports now! Our infographic shows... Click here to read more

    Perfect Car Rental

    The Perfect Car Hire Experience

    Learn the basics of car hire with Auto Europe's infographic The Perfect Car Hire Experience. Have all you need to pick up the car... Click here to read more

    Exotic Summer Destinations

    Lesser-known Summer Destinations

    Lesser-known tourist destinations await those willing to unwind in less crowded resorts. Try out something new for your next holiday. Take a look at our infographic... Click here to read more

    Campervan Holiday

    The Perfect Motorhome Holiday

    With the beginning of summer many of us start planning holidays. Some people start comparing prices for all-inclusive offers, or look for comfortable accommodation... Click here to read more

    Car Hire Checklist

    Car Rental Checklist

    Hiring a car is a great way to make the most of your holiday destination. But to make sure that your experience is not soured by any unexpected surprises, you should make... Click here to read more

    Auto Europe Gold Rate Offers

    The Gold Rate Package

    Good news for all travelling to the USA and Canada! Auto Europe's special package featuring the first tank of fuel for free and up to three additional drivers is now available! Profit with Auto Europe... Click here to read more!

    Saint James' Way

    Saint James' Way

    Saint James' Way, also known as El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, consists of several routes through Europe all leading to the tomb of the apostle St.James. It is highly popular for hiking. Join us on this epic journey in our infographic! Click here to read more

    Most annoying things on Holiday

    What annoys us on holidays

    We have taken a reversed approach to find out what makes people happy on holiday. Instead of asking what makes them contented, we inquired about what disturbs them... Click here to read more

    Most annoying things at the airport

    What annoys us at the airport

    Don't we all know hassle at the airport far too well? Long check-in queues and even longer security check lines. The airport is the place where our holiday starts, and we all wish it had a happy... Click here to read more

    Euro 2016

    Euro 2016

    With the EURO 2016 kicking off, we've put together an entertaining infographic filled with fun facts and information on this years tournament... Click here to read more

    A-Z of unusual Travel Destinations

    A-Z Destinations

    Auto Europe is taking you to the less known destinations all over the world! They are listed in the alphabetical order and ready to be explored with a car hire from Auto Europe! Click here to read more

    Who pays for who?

    Who pays for who?

    The cost of raising a child to the age of 21 is around £230,000. When do children start "paying back" the favour? Find out in our most recent survey... Click here to read more

    Brits abroad

    Brits Abroad

    An average British tourist spends about £2,000 on their holiday, and flies almost 2,000 miles to the holiday destination. Read about this and more fun stats in our new infographic! Click here to read more

    Road to Freedom | Auto Europe Infographic

    Road to Freedom

    According to a new survey, only after driving a significant distance after getting off the plane, a true holiday begins. So what actually makes a happy holiday? Check what the numbers are saying about true holiday freedom... Click here to read more

    The Worst Seatmates Onboard Infographic

    The Most Annoying Seatmates Onboard

    With billions of people around us, the chances are we've all experienced sitting next to people whose habits we don't find particularly desirable. See the results of Auto Europe's survey in our latest infographic. Click here to read more

    Dangerous Roads

    Dangerous Roads

    Find out more about the most dangerous roads in the world. From China to Australia, Switzerland to Egypt and more, you'll be sure to find a heart-stopping drive... Click here to read more