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    The Worst Seatmates Onboard

    Congratulations! You have booked a holiday, packed your bags, got through long lines at the check-in and security. As you are just about to fasten your seatbelt, sit back and relax, your seatmate has something important to say. To you, of course. They jump from one to the next topic, eat smelly food or snore on your shoulder. Sounds familiar? According to our recent survey, these are the types of seatmates we've all had a pleasure (?) of meeting. Auto Europe's team has created an infographic based on the survey result. Enjoy and steer clear of.....other people?

    The Most Annoying Seatmates on a Plane

    After weeks of hard work, you've earned yourself a holiday. You've survived the check-in, security lines and have reached your seat. Just when you think you can relax, you look over to discover you're seated next to one of these types of people...

    Crying babies
    Having children is a blessing but when children cry at the top of their lungs in a confined space, you know you are stuck with it for the rest of your flight, which may last for who-knows-how-long. There is hardly anything you can do but get extremely good earplugs to keep the noise away, or at bearable levels.

    Sleepers and snorers
    If the earplugs are of ultimate quality, they could also protect you from fellow snoring passengers who take no notice of the effect they cause because they simply can't help it. They seem to be peacefully asleep without the slightest care in the world.

    Misbehaved and naughty children
    No earplugs in this world will protect you from misbehaved and naughty children, however. If you are "lucky" enough to have such a specimen on board, perhaps the only thing you can is ignore them. Try playing with them as to distract the "enemy", or give them a taste of their own medicine, which could even be fun.

    People who recline their seats
    People who fail to consider other people's space are almost a given on every flight. All frequent fliers have been through the silent competition of elbowing for more room, or fighting for air and some personal space with the reckless seat recliners in front. What can you do? Kindly ask if they could put their seat back in the original position or recline yours, too, for the domino effect.

    Drunk and loud passengers
    These are probably the most annoying type. Always around, yelling, smelling bad and making inappropriate remarks. Whatever you say, they are ready to pick up a fight in no time. It's generally better to leave it to flight attendants and save yourself even more trouble. Another option is also to get drunk and dig into the holiday mood.

    People invading your personal space
    These people are usually the same we accounted for in the paragraph about seat recliners. Whenever possible, look for a window seat. Cloud-watching is the perfect excuse, as is pretending to be asleep - from taking off to landing.

    People taking off their shoes and socks
    Yuck! While earplugs may be helpful in stopping sounds, there is nothing we can think of that could prevent bad smell, or even bad taste, for that matter. You could also ask the flight attendant to speak to the person in question, or give them a gentle nudge by exaggeratedly sniffing and making faces.

    People who talk too much
    Yet again, the strategy known as "cloud-watching"; or if you are not lucky enoughto be occupying the window seat, pretending to be asleep should work fine. Even better if you put headphones on and close your eyes - this way you can block out two of the most important information receiving canals.

    But just remember! After a few hours of flying, you'll be able to enjoy your holiday!

    Infographic - The Worst Seatmates Onboard