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    Who pays for whom | Infographic by auto Europe

    With the rent, food, clothes, tuition and other expenses, raising a child to the age of 21 may cost around £230,000! This is our newest survey result based on a large number of participants. For sure, the Mum & Dad bank is the go-to bank for many children, young or adult.

    We were curious as to when this "bank" closes and when parents and children swap their roles. Or, do they ever? Take a look at the infographic below to see how far parents would go in providing for their adult children and what costs they still cover even though the children are now fully-fledged grown-ups.

    Spending money on our children

    The cost of raising a child to the age of 21 is around £230,000. The Bank of Mum & Dad seems to be a profitable one for children, but do they return the favour?*
    *Based on recent survey results

    1 - BANK OF MUM & DAD

    Do parents still regularly bankroll their adult children?
    • 18% monthly
    • 26% now and then
    • 30% stopped once children got a full-time job
    Do parents ever get paid back?
    • 22% never expect it back
    • 21% it's agreed they must, but nothing yet
    • 11% yes, eventually
    Top 5: What do parents pay for?
    • 22% car
    • 17% help with rent
    • 17% holiday
    • 15% university fees
    • 14% commuting
    Do your children invite you out for a meal, drink or a holiday and pay?
    • 4% yes, they won't let me pay for anything
    • 21% yes, but I won't allow them to pay
    • 26% no, I still pay for most things


    Average age to start spending money on parent:
    • 24 years old
    The largest average amount spent on parents:
    • £1468
    Do you feel your adult children are actively trying to pay you back?
    • 29% yes
    • 18% they treat me when they can
    • 22% no
    Top 5: What adult children spend on parents?
    • 54% meal out
    • 38% invite round for dinner
    • 37% item of clothing
    • 35% a pint
    • 25% jewellery

    Who pays for who?