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    9 crazy competitions in Finland - Infographic

    Alert, alert, quirky competitions fans! What gets your blood pumping? Funny sports and weird competitions? If the answer is yes, and sports, fun and adventure is what makes you tick, then Finland is definitely a holiday destination for you! This beautiful country, just like a secret well-kept, may not be the world beater when you think of holidaying, but stay tuned as we are just about to unveil its not-to-be-missed moments! Did you know that Finland ranks high in Guinness World Records of odd competitions? Practically anything can be turned into a sport there. One such sport, possibly quite expensive, though, is the World Cell Phone Throwing Championship. Rumour has it, it began as a test to prove the practical indestructibility of the famous old Nokia 3310. We are not sure, though, but it must be a lot of fun!!

    Music has also found its place in weird Finnish championships. Let's admit it, we have all been there... We are passionate about music, simply love guitar riffs and even if we have no clue about playing an instrument, sometimes we just get carried away and rock out on an air guitar. Good news - now you can even win a prize for your performance, because in August you can take part in the Air Guitar World Championship! Furthermore, what would a visit to Finland be without trying out the traditional sauna? Finns are famous for their love of sauna. To cool off, take part in various ice swimming competitions! If we have tickled your fancy, take a look at Auto Europe´s infographic to find even more fun events.

    So, you love sports and would like to try something different and unique for a change? If yes, then Finland is your next destination. It is known for its love for crazy and unusual sport and events. Check out our list of most interesting and entertaining events and choose your favourite.

    1. Wife carrying world championship

    Where & when: Sonkajärvi, July
    This event has lately gained a lot of popularity. The idea is to carry your wife through a course with obstacles and finish first. The prize is the woman's weight of beer.

    2. Ice swimming events

    Where & when: various locations in Finland
    Ice swimming is popular in Finland and is part of everyday life. Jump into the ice cold lake after sauna for a fresh feeling or take part in various ice swimming competitions.

    3. Air guitar world championship

    Where & when: Oulu, August.
    You love music and crazy guitar solos? Then this is for you. It's not easy to take part in it, but it’s so much fun to watch. The participants come from all over the world.

    4. Chilli eating championship

    Where & when: Tampere Chili Festival, August
    The idea is to eat as much of the Naga Morichi, the hottest chilli in the world, as you can. Before you try to take part, you can taste different chillies at the festival for free.

    5. World cellphone throwing championship

    Where & when: Savonlinna, August
    Was this event created while testing how indestructible the famous Nokia 3310 was? Who knows, but if you have ever wanted to try throwing your phone in the most creative ways, go there!

    6. Boot throwing world championship

    Where & when: various locations in Finland
    First held in 1992 in Finland, it gained international attention and has been organized all over Europe ever since. The game is like the title suggests, throw your rubber boot as far as possible.

    7. Swamp soccer world championship

    Where & when: Hyrynsalmi, July
    Usual soccer is too boring? Try swamps soccer. The rules differ from the traditional one and the game requires lots of stamina.

    8. Milking stool throwing championship

    Where & when: Kangaslampi, July
    Ever been so mad that you wanted to throw chairs around? Try this sport in a small Finnish farm village.

    9. Ant-nest sitting competition

    Where & when: various locations in Finland
    The objective of the game is exactly what you think, to sit on an ant hill as long as possible.

    And remember: What happens in Finland, stays in Finland!

    Infographic: 9 crazy contests in Finland