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    Travel with Pets Infographic

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    Travelling with Pets

    If going on holiday without your pet is out of the question, no need to despair! Our new infographic brings you advice, as well as interesting figures and anecdotes, on travel with pets. How much can your pet weigh to travel in the airplane cabin? Will he or she need vaccinations, and what about a passport? Find out today and bring your furry, feathery, or scaly friend with you on your next holiday!

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    We have prepared a handy guide travelling with pets, which will help you on your next holiday. Click here and check out our fur-tastic infographic

    How to Travel with Pet

    Are you planning a vacation with your family and want to bring the most important member along? In most case, this is not a problem - as long as you stick to the international pet shipping rules. Auto Europe has gathered some funny, surprising and useful information for you. Enjoy reading!

    Pet Travel Stats

    • Your pet in the cabin: The total weight of the kennel plus dog is 8kg.
    • Check in your pet: The total weight is 75kg.
    • Your pet must be at least 10 weeks old.
    • The travel fee for pets is between 20-300 euros.
    • Pups or kittens may travel in the same kennel as their mother if they are younger than 4 months.
    • As staff tried to catch rats, an Air India flight to Toronto was delayed for 11 hours.
    • At Frankfurt Airport alone, about 110 million animals are registered for travel every year. 150 of them are zoo animals.
    • Frankfurt Airport has specialized animal care staff consisting of 20 animal care attendants and 25 veterinarians.

    May I see your Passport, Please?

    Your pets passport or health certificate must be in English. It is strongly recommended to attach a copy of it to the kennel. Make sure to bring the original documents with you when you check in.

    Vaccinations & Health Issues

    Within the EU animals are only allowed to travel when fitted with a microchip and must be vaccinated against rabies. Your pet must not appear to be physically distressed, injured or tranquilized. To avoid stress for your hairy or feathered friend, consider travelling during low season. Early morning or late night flights tend to be less crowded.

    Guide dogs are mostly carried free of charge

    Fighting Dogs

    Special requirements apply to the transportation of breeds of dog classified as fighting dogs. Be sure to contact the reservation desk of your airline for more information if you are travelling with one of the following breeds or crossbreeds:

    • American Pit Bull Terrier
    • American Staffordshire Terrier
    • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    • Bull Terrier (Miniature Bull Terriers are permitted)
    • American Bulldog
    • Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Shepherd Dog)
    • Dogo Argentino
    • Karabash (Kangal Dog / Anatolian Shepherd Dog)
    • Rottweiler

    Rodents on Board

    Gnawers like to travel, especially when there is tasty food aboard. However, if they start chewing up electric wires, rats on board an aircraft can lead to a catastrophe. If that happens, pilots will have no control over any system on board - a disaster! The animals enter the plane on catering vans. This happens across the world.

    Travelling with Pets

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