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    Long-Term Car Hire at the best prices with Auto Europe

    Sooner or later, we may find ourselves in a situation that may require hiring a car for a longer period. With Auto Europe you will find exactly the car hire you require. To date we have not come across a car hire situation that we cannot help organise.

    So how do we go about hiring a car on a long-term basis? You will often read about short-term car hire, but not a lot of information exists about hiring a car on a long-term basis. A long-term car hire is defined as a rental period greater than 29 days. Some car hire suppliers may request that the client returns to the pick-up office after the 29-30 days are up in order to sign a new rental agreement and verify that the car is still in good condition. Apart from this, the process for hiring a car on a long-term basis is the same as hiring for a short-term one.

    When is it necessary to hire a car on a long-term basis?

    • You may be on a long holiday of at least four weeks in duration and require a vehicle for the extra freedom.
    • Your own car might be at the mechanics and thus you require a car hire for a longer period of time to continue your daily routine.
    • You may require to hire a car for a longer period due to career or academic reasons.
    • You have business or personal circumstances that require a long-term car hire. Auto Europe is well positioned to help you organise your hire
    • When you would like to drive a luxury car, that you otherwise would not have had the chance too for a long-term period. For example, a luxury automatic vehicle.

    The advantages of hiring a car long-term

    If you require a car hire for a long holiday, the advantages are obvious. You can explore your destination freely, easily and at your own pace. There will be no need to spend on costly taxis or be restricted to local public transport timetables. If you require a car hire for professional reasons, then you can hire the ideal car for your journey (number of seats, car size, fuel type, etc), you won’t be restricted to your current personal vehicle, which may not have the right number of seats or best fuel type to cover longer distances. Apart from this, you’ll be saving your personal car much wear and tear not having to use it for business uses. In order to hire a car on a long-term basis you simply follow the same process as hiring a car for a short-term rental. You may view the costs involved on our website and place a reservation. Alternatively, you may also call one of our reservation agents who will guide you through the booking process. Another advantage to this form of car hire is that apart from the initial hiring cost you will have no additional costs (for example, on car maintenance). In regards to the deposit, this remains the same amount regardless of the duration of your car hire, be it 3 days, a week or a month.

    Due to the large amount of car hire reservations that we do per year with our suppliers, we are able to offer the cheapest car hire deals around - meaning that you will save upon making your car hire with Auto Europe. We are able to offer a large selection of vehicles due to our co-operation with numerous national and international car hire suppliers. With over 60 years industry experience you can rest assured to get great customer service and peace of mind. For added value Auto Europe also provides travel tips, driving tips and money saving tips for when you make your reservation.

    Things to Note

    Upon making your reservation make sure that you choose a car hire with unlimited mileage or at the very least with sufficient mileage coverage for your entire period. Please also note that our offers can display mileage limits based on the duration of your hire, daily usage or unlimited mileage. You can verify the mileage limit during the booking process on our website. Vehicle maintenance is very important during a car hire for over 30 days. Some suppliers require you to sign a maintenance agreement before taking the car, other suppliers require you to return 29-30 days later for them to verify the cars current condition and for you to sign a new rental agreement. If necessary, the car hire supplier will provide an alternative vehicle for the remainder of your car hire.

    Available Offers

    Regardless if the car you are hiring is for an individual, small or large family, or even for professional reasons, when hiring long-term all the car categories are available. View our car categories and select the most suitable vehicle for your requirements, be it a mini car, compact or a seven to nine seat van. If you envisage your trip being through mountainous regions or on uneven roads, then consider one of our 4x4 vehicles instead. Check out our car categories and list of trusted suppliers, with which we have had over 60 years of working experience.

    A suitable vehicle for the season

    Hire a luxury car during spring and enjoy an unforgettable stylish drive. Make the most of summer and the sunshine with Auto Europe’s best convertible car hire deals and set off on the drive of your life-time through Cote d’Azur. A large passenger van or a 4x4 SUV can be hired throughout the entire year. If you are planning a car hire during the winter, then check out our special offers, with some even including winter tyres as part of the deal. This is the perfect way to save on the hiring of extra equipment.

    Would you like to drive the legendary Route 66? Are you going to spend at least 4 weeks in the USA and would like to make the most of your trip? Then the time has arrived to make your car hire with the STAR category: the classic Ford Mustang (or other similar category vehicles) will amplify the feeling of road freedom. Auto Europe works with the best national and international car hire suppliers to provide you with an unprecedented choice of car categories to choose from. Our Gold Rate offers also include a complimentary tank of fuel and three additional drivers (GD tariff) or a GPS (GP tariff) or the entire previously mentioned benefits together (GG tariff).


    Because hiring a car hire for long periods is processed in the same manner as a short-term car hire, the same minimum age limits apply. Generally the minimum age to hire a car is between 18 to 21 years of age, with the maximum age limit being that of 75 to 80 years of age. This also depends on the car hire supplier in question. Suppliers often apply a young driver fee for anyone up to 25 years of age. Some car hire suppliers have started to also add a fee for drivers who are above the maximum age limit - with an additional insurance being required. It is therefore important to be fully aware of any applicable fees before your journey. It is also important to note that when hiring a luxury car, you will be required to provide at least two gold credit cards. For more information please refer to your reservations full terms and conditions before making any decisions.

    Making a long duration car hire reservation

    You will be happy to know that it is relatively easy to make a car hire reservation for a longer duration. The process is the same as a standard car hire. Our easy to use online search engine will guide you through the process one step at a time. To start all you need is to enter your destination country, location, dates and times of pick-up and drop-off. Once presented with the results, you will be able to view all the current offers per supplier, costs involved and the rentals terms and conditions. Under tariff details you may also view any additional costs for extra equipment, such as a child seat, roof rack or a GPS device. Pay particular attention to the various deposit options. These options are of interest especially when hiring a car for a long-term period, because the longer the period, the more likely you are to be involved in an incident. It is often the case that even whilst your car is parked, someone could hit it accidentally. Even a small mark can cause the car hire supplier to charge you a large amount, especially if you do not have Auto Europe’s insurance cover, which will reimburse you your deposit, or the local supplier’s full insurance covers.

    If you require to hire a car long-term, and require a quotation, then Auto Europe is available to help by phone. Our experienced reservation agents will help you find the most suitable car hire for your holiday needs or next business trip. Contact us today to save on your car hire.