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    Facebook Competition #AE Family Holidays Memories

    Family holiday memories can warm our hearts and make us burst out laughing. We have asked our Facebook fans to share their best family holiday memories. We smiled and laughed while reading their colourful stories. Thank you for sharing the memories with us! We have gathered a couple of your stories in our blog, we hope you'll enjoy reading them just as much as we did!

    #AEmemories by Chloe M Bailey '...when I was about 12 me and my sister went to Hunstanton for a week with my dad. There was a stand in the street giving out vouchers and free bottles of Frijj milkshakes. My sister (10 at the time) was in a strop so was storming off ahead, she shook the life out this chocolate milkshake, the lid wasn't on properly so flew off covering my dad. It was all down his legs and he was really cross. He just kept saying 'thank you so much I look like I've pooed myself, I look like I've pooed myself look what you've done!'

    #AEmemories by Danielle Knight 'My favourite holiday memory was going to centre parks with my family including my grandparents which was an amazing memory to keep with me forever. Just knowing they loved every minute with us all and my children (their great grandchildren) made it so special.'

    #AEmemories by Sharon Smith 'Me and my sister when we were kids, we would do funny noises behind the caravan to annoy our mother, our dad would be laughing at her.'

    #AEmemories by Janet Slater 'My favourite holiday memory started on a flight to Basel, Switzerland in 1968. I was with my sister a nurse & her colleague. Sitting in front of us on the flight were an American couple from Connecticut. We spent a large part of the holiday in their company becoming firm friends. This resulted in them visiting us in England on many occasions over the years & vice versa. Sadly they are no longer with us but I am in constant touch with their daughter. Furthermore, now my sons 4 year old is in touch with the 5 year old great granddaughter of the couple I met in 1968 & she lives in Massachusetts. So the friendship has widened/expanded nearly 50 years on & long may it continue.'

    #AEmemories by Victoria La Mon 'Once when we were on holiday my husband was cooking a BBQ while I was inside with the kids getting the bun's and condiments together. He was struggling a bit to get the BBQ going and it was taking ages, the drumsticks were finally cooking so he came in to grab the rest of the meat as I helped him carry it out we were just in time to see a seagull stealing a drumstick off of the BBQ, It was absolutely hilarious watching the silly bird trying to get away with his catch and it was so hot he kept dropping it. It's definitely one of the funniest holiday memories ever!'

    #AEmemories by Kevin Molloy 'My wife had just mopped the floor of our apartment in Spain. I had just put my video camera on charge. My son just walked in and did this crazy dance on the wet floor for about 10 seconds, didn't get it on film. We must have laughed about it the rest of the holiday and no £200 from the show on tele.'

    #AEmemories by Sharon Coyde 'When our children were younger we had a small boat with an outbound motor and we used to motor to a local 'safe' swimming beach at Broadsands in Torbay. It's a lovely beach where the children could safely swim in shallow water and also get an ice cream etc. Well I am a prude and never show my ample figure in public so it was ideal for me to just slip over the side have a swim and then get back into the boat with no one noticing. That is until one day when I went to slip over quietly but my swimming costume caught on the cleat on the front of the boat. There I was suspended by my bottom hanging off the front of our boat in front of a beach full of people and four children shrieking will laughter. There was nothing I could do and my husband was trying his best to help. Suddenly the costume ripped and I did an impressive belly flop into the sea to a cheer from all watching. I then had to climb back into the boat with a bare bottom! Thankfully no one had a camera but they have never let me forget it!'

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