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    Fun Gadgets to Travel With

    Every year the travel market sees a number of funky contraptions being ushered in. Some of these gadgets are only a seasonal fad, while some are here to stay. Experienced travellers know how some gadgets can come in handy when taking long trips. Based on a preference or a real need, some of them, of course, prove more useful than the others. Would you pick any of these gadgets from our selection to be your reliable travel companion at all times?

    Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

    As you are about to check-in on Facebook or post some awesome photos of that fantastic place you have just visited, or an unusual scene you have witnessed, you notice that the internet signal has just got out of reach. What a frustrating experience! To prevent the frustration and minimise the amount of distress while searching for Wi-Fi while keeping your eyes peeled for any sign of signal on your smartphone we suggest you get yourself a shirt with a built-in Wi-Fi signal detector. The bars on the front of the T-shirt will glow and change the light intensity according to the signal strength it receives. With this fabulous  T-shirt, you will literally shine, even in the dark!

    Hotel Inspector
    Hotel Inspector is a very special flashlight that will shed some UV light on your bed linen, carpet and walls in your accommodation. If you'd feel uncomfortable knowing the room is not as clean as it should be, and would rather turn a blind eye to cleaning matters, don't bother to get it...Because this ingenious, little thing will make an awesome detective out of you! It will help you see whether the staff have gone the shorter route to clean your hotel room. Lights out and let your little assistant get its 'hands' dirty. Under the UV light it will illuminate the dirt normally invisible to the naked eye, such as bodily fluids. It can lay bare almost anything organic.

    Digital luggage scale
    Having your luggage weigh some extra pounds can end in a real shambles at the airport, when you are already pressed for time. Moreover, it can cause you some unnecessary and unforeseen costs. Bearing all this in mind, it is almost needless to point out the importance of having such a handy gadget as a digital luggage scale on you whilst packing your suitcases. A digital luggage scale is small, portable, and can measure up to 100 pounds, depending on the model! On the plus side - it is so light that it will hardly have any influence on your overall luggage weight!

    Solar charger
    No wonder that with modern technology and us relying on electronic devices and smartphones almost 24/7, their battery life is all but long. Such frequent use of our high-tech buddies eats up the battery quite fast. Annoying enough, it often happens when we are outside, and don't have an accessible electrical socket at hand. With a solar charger you are sure to be able to charge your mobile phone, iPod or an MP3 player at any time. Provided you have some sunshine around. of course. Quite useful, don't you agree?

    A never-ending bubble wrap popper
    Popping bubble wrap belongs to one of ultimate, compelling and hardly resistible habits. Once it takes over you, it's hard to stop. Have no fear if you run out of plastic bubble wrap bags because now you can extend the joy of popping - forever! Well, at least, as long as the battery allows you. It is a great gift to keep you entertained on long-haul flights or during long bus rides... It is fairly easy to get carried away, so please try not to forget about the fellow passengers while playing! Or have another bubble wrap popper handy for your co-travellers. It's only fair.

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