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    Funny Blend Words

    With the mix of business and leisure travel taking off as a trend, 33% of surveyed of millennials are taking advantage of bleisure trips. Here at Auto Europe we've rounded up some of our favourite portmanteaus, or blends/mashups.


    When you think of traditional camping, do you conjure up images of the vast great outdoors? Or is it creepy-crawlies, wild animals and putting up the tent in disastrous weather? While some may not like the idea of camping, the recent trend of glamping may appeal to others much more. Glamping, the idea of camping in glamorous surroundings, has quickly become popular amongst holidaymakers. Travel to your chosen destination to find a resort-styled tent with all the amenities included. Some may even see it as seeking all the luxuries of a modern hotel, but with the adventure and escapism of recreational camping.


    Ah, the most well known of hybrid desserts. The decadent cronut is a cross between a croissant and a donut, so picture biting into a donut that consists of a flakey, buttery crust which is sugared, filled and glazed. First appearing in New York, the cronut has made its way across the pond to the UK, and recently the world's most expensive cronut has appeared in London. On sale for a whopping thousand and a half pounds, this delicacy includes luxury ingredients such as Cristal rosé champagne caviar, gold leaf, Tahitian gold vanilla beans and rare Italian-made Amedei Porcelana chocolate. Would it be worth every bite?


    Ligers are the world's biggest cats, created by breeding a male lion with a female tiger. Far from your average house pet, these powerful creatures stand at twelve feet tall and weigh up to half a tonne, so throwing a ball of wool might be out of the question with these wild things. The reverse of a liger, with the mother being a female lion and the father being a tiger, is a tigon. Strangely, ligers grow to be double the size of their parents due to gigantism, while tigon offspring will be half the size of mum and dad.


    If home is where the heart is, why even leave? A staycation needs no introduction as millions of British families are more and more deciding to vacation in the United Kingdom rather than taking a trip abroad. There are definitely many upsides to this vastly growing trend including saving money, helping the economy, less travel time, plus no pesky airport tickets and passports to sort out (as well as the kids!). Staycations mean you can discover more on your home-soil and popular spots include Brighton, Cornwall, the Lake District and Edinburgh.


    Back in the mid nineties, a subgenre emerged mixing both pop and alternative rock with a distinctive British taste. Both a musical and cultural movement, Britpop was quick to take over the world with it's catchy pop-like tunes, which took on the grunge scene at the time. Heralded as pushing alternative rock into the mainstream, many acts have gone on to influence other musical acts and genres up to this day. The 'Big Four' or the most well-known bands of the Britpop movement include Oasis, Blur, Suede and Pulp.

    What are your favourite blend words? Share them with us in your comments below!

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