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    Inspiration Wednesday: Global Famous roads.

    When it comes to road trips, travelling is all about the journey, not the destination. The open road is synonymous with freedom and independence, and it feels like you can take on the whole world from behind the wheel. Here are some famous roads that have captured the imagination of drivers over the years.

    Famous Road: Route 66, USA
    Claim to fame: Also known as the Main Street of America, Route 66 is the epitome of carefree driving and the freedom of the open road. The original route used to run from Illinois to California and over the years it became intrinsically connected to the American road trip experience.
    Who should go there: Anyone who's into road trips. Road trip means USA. And road trip in the USA means Route 66. It's like a law of nature, inescapable and inevitable. Let's call it Newton's fourth law. Book a car hire in the USA and you can be on your merry way ;)

    Famous Road: Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway
    Claim to fame: It was declared 'Norway's construction of the century' in 2005. We concur.
    Who should go there: Those 'to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty.' The Atlanterhavsveien's winning point is that is nothing short of absolutely gorgeous. This scenic road is located in the western fjords region of Norway and connects the island of Avery to the mainland. It was built over smaller island with sections built over nothing but the impressive might of the North Atlantic. Stormy weather will give you the opportunity to take some truly amazing pictures with which to grace your Facebook wall, while calm weather may allow you to spot the odd whale or seal.

    Famous Road: Guoliang Tunnel Road, China
    Claim to fame: This famous stretch of road was carved into the mountain by hand in the 1970s, and has been described by some as a piece of art more than a simple road.
    Who should go there: Daring individuals, modern-day Indiana Jones, and people who are not afraid of heights. The Guoliang Tunnel Road rewards those who dare cross it with some of the most stunning views in China, but it is certainly not for the faint of heart.

    Famous Road: Highway 1, Iceland
    Claim to fame: Popularly known as the Ring Road, Highway 1 runs around the entirety of Iceland along the Atlantic coast, and will lead travellers through most of the landmarks in the country (pretty AND convenient).
    Who should go there: Anyone interested in discovering Iceland (and let's face it, who isn't?).

    Famous Road: Pan-American Highway
    Claim to fame: It's the longest motoring road in the world and connects most of the countries in the American mainland.
    Who should go there: Anyone who's into travelling, really. The Pan-American Highway is so vast and crosses so many different countries and so many different types of terrain, that it has something for everyone's taste. You like the rain forests? Check. Deserts? Check. Interesting cities? Check. If it exists, you can find it somewhere along this amazing route.

    Whatever your choice of destination, never forget that we offer car hire services at over 8,000 locations worldwide (in more than 130 countries), so no matter where you plan to go in the world, we most likely have the perfect car hire for you, at the most reasonable price.

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