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    It's Christmas! Let's take it easy

    So the world didn't come to an end last Friday, and it is Christmas again. What are you doing this Christmas? Spending time with your family or friends? If you find Christmas more stressful than a hard day at work, here are some tips on how to celebrate Christmas and relax at the same time :)

    1. Keep a broad perspective. Christmas may be a perfect opportunity to experience something that may turn into beautiful memories. Consider what is most important to you these holidays. Prioritise your goals, so that you won't have to worry about the petty things and won't get stuck between errands.

    2. Expectations. Prepare yourself for pleasant moments and less desired ones. If you can accept the fact it's not going to be perfect, you have already won.

    3. Don't exaggerate with preparations. If you spend Christmas with family or friends, don't prepare everything yourself. Splitting tasks with others will bring you closer together and will lessen the burden for you.

    4. Be a child. If you are spending Christmas with children, focus on them and their little joys. This will help you notice the magic of Christmas and make you forget about the lingering mother-in-law or the debt on your account.

    5. Notice people's differences. The more, the merrier. The more people, the more individuals meet. A vegetarian, a roast turkey lover, a five year old boy, a grandma, an introvert and a party soul type can meet at one table. Let them all feel comfortable.

    6. Say nice things. Praise, appreciate, say thank you. Positive words do wonders.

    7. Reserve some time just for you. Find some time for yourself and no remorses for that! For example: book a flight and drive your car hire somewhere warm!

    Blog Search


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