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    Let's Go Glamping! Luxury Travel Meets the Outdoors

    If you haven't had the chance yet to familiarise yourself with the sweeping vacationing trend of glamping, the somewhat clunky portmanteau for glamour and camping, worry not. After reading this post you will know the basics, and will be dying to plan a glamping trip of your own!The core idea is to bring together the best of both camping and luxury travel. This means that a glamping site should allow for quick access to the outdoors, yet also provide the basic comforts and amenities of a hotel (at least water and electricity). This mix has proven to be an increasingly popular option for vacationers of all kinds, from those seeking an intimate, romantic getaway to families seeking a holiday destination with a difference.

    Variety, Sustainability, Adventure

    Glamping offers lots of perks for the modern traveller.

    Firstly, glamping sites are springing up all over the world, making the possibilities for destinations truly endless. You can experience a safari in Africa, wander an awe-inspiring national park in the USA, a pristine beach on a Pacific island, or closer to home, have the bountiful wildlife of Portugal, Spain, or even the UK, just a step away from your glamping site. As many sites are relatively small-scale, often even run by individual families, your experience will be that much more authentic and personal

    Second, not only can you experience countries across the globe and closer to home in a much more intimate way, but the kinds of activities you can enjoy are also incredibly varied, and best of all, right at your doorstep. This could mean waking up right near your favourite hiking trail, kayaking creek, or even vineyard for wine tasting. Glamping sites really get you out of the hustle and bustle of cities and tourist crowds, and let you start concentrating on what's most important: relaxation, new adventures, and peace of mind.

    The third advantage that glamping has for the discerning traveller is that the closeness of nature is often incorporated into glamping sites by making them more environmentally friendly. Some sites take the mission to blend into the surrounding nature and become more ecologically sound more seriously than others, and thus the eco-friendly facilities at glamp sites vary. Examples of sustainable solutions include solar panels for electricity, collecting rainwater, and using produce from the local area for meals.

    Fourthly, going glamping need not break the bank. As there is such a huge variety of sites to choose from, the facilities and prices also vary widely. You can find locations offering stays for some tens of pounds per night, and others charging thousands. Whatever your needs and your budget, you are sure to find something suitable.

    Accommodation with a Difference

    The types of accommodation offered at glamping sites are almost as varied as the sites themselves. Below are a few examples.


    Dating back to centuries old use by nomads in Central Asia, these cylindrical abodes have become very popular in the glamping world. Wooden lattices make up the frame of the yurt, topped with a cone-shaped roof supported by posts. This structure is wrapped tightly with multiple layers of fabric, which helps make the yurt sturdy and allows it to withstand even harsher weather conditions. The popularity of yurts stems from this adaptability to changing seasons, and their variability: yurts can range from small and cozy to luxuriously roomy spaces, with electricity and actual furniture.

    Hut or cabin

    Forget the stuffy log cabin - glamping huts offer something different altogether. These huts or cabins come in all different shapes and sizes, depending on the location. Some you can find in a forest or jungle, while others will allow you to get your toes in the sand as soon as you step out of your beach hut. You could even walk out of your overwater cottage right down some stairs into the clear waters of a paradise island. The common element for glamping huts is a wooden frame, creating a unique structure that blends beautifully into its natural surroundings.

    Tree house

    If you've ever wanted to relive your childhood dreams of an awesome tree house, now is your chance! Except that glamping tree houses are on another level entirely, providing enough room for you and even your family, in some cases. The designs make use of the structure of the tree itself, taking advantage of the support of the trunk and some of the strongest branches, and are accessible via ladders or bridges. Incredibly, these structures can also offer running water and electricity, depending on location.

    A Unique Experience

    A glamping trip has the potential to truly transport you out of the ordinary and mundane, close to nature, and to somewhere unexpected. As most sites are secluded, they can most easily and conveniently be reached with a car, thus a local car hire is highly recommended. With so much variety offered in the market, everyone is sure to find their dream glamping site, a place of calm without having to compromise your basic comforts.

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