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    Motorhome holidays rule the roads!

    When hiring a motorhome with Auto Europe, you are guaranteed a tailored booking, a high-standard vehicle, the best deals and first-class service you receive from our expert team.
    We help you all the way from thought to action, including, trip planning, customization and implementation. But you may wonder why you should rent the motorhome in the first place? The answer is simple: touring with a campervan gives you total freedom in your travels.It's the total freedom and the feeling that you are sailing along the roads that make the crowd of RV enthusiasts growing every year. When travelling with the motorhome, you are completely independent from everything and everyone. In bad weather, you can get in your campervan, take the driver's seat and go where the weather is better!
    You are free to travel in any direction and change it when the forecast looks better elsewhere. To detour on a sudden impulse is not a strange thing to do as you always have a place to rest your head. You can continue the journey according to the planned route the next day if you feel like it.Motorhome holidays are simple, relaxed and free. You choose where you want to stay overnight, as you can park almost anywhere you want. Travellers often choose a place by the water and wake up to remarkable views that cannot be seen from any hotel!
    Manoeuvring RV is not that complicated as it is with a trailer. All it takes is being aware of the campervan's size.Because the campervan is easy to drive inside the cities as well, you can experience all aspects of a holiday on a single trip! For those who want a city break, it is often possible to park centrally or on the outskirts. And if you want you to get close to nature, parking by the sea, forest, meadows, mountains or in the countryside is not a problem. There are numerous campervan parking grounds in beautiful places and often in nature reserves and parks.You are also not limited to the street traffic. Ride a bike when you want and explore what your holiday destination has to offer.
    There is a lot of luggage room in the campervan so that you can easily fit in a couple of bikes, or rent bicycle racks.


    A rental car may be excellent for flexible holidays, but there are still some limitations, such as the need to go back to where you're staying the night, be on time for the check-in, and carry bags. The room might be a little shabbier than the pictures you saw the night before when you booked, the bed a bit bumpier than you had hoped for, or the hotel is located in an area you are not comfortable with. In addition, if you are going away the day after, you will be asked to leave the hotel at a certain time. You can avoid all that with a motorhome as you take the hotel room with you wherever you go! If you book a motorhome holiday, you have housing fixed for the entire holiday. You can fit all your bags in your campervan and bring along everything you need! The only time you need to carry your bags is to and from the airport.You will ride first-class all the time throughout the trip. And with a window seat and lovely views of the landscape, as you sit higher in the comfortable armchair. Having arrived at your destination, tired and hungry, you do not need to discuss where you are going to eat, or wait for an eternity in the restaurant for your food to be served. You just need to fetch something tasty from your kitchen and relax. There are also no taxi bills for getting back to the hotel.

    Travelling on a budget

    One should not compare the price of the motorhome with the rental car. Instead, compare its price with the price of a hotel room for a whole family and you quickly realise that, in addition to all the benefits you get when travelling with RV, the price for accommodation is about the same. Add the car hire cost and you know where your savings are. You will also be able to save money by buying your own food and cook it in the RV kitchen. Another advantage is that you can prepare your children's favourite dishes, this will help even the fussiest fellow passengers get into better spirits. You should, of course, add petrol costs and fees for camping places in your spreadsheet. However, you usually end up paying less for motorhome holidays.

    Motorhome holidays are family friendly

    Travelling with motorhome has plenty of benefits for families with children. It is easier to entertain the kids. There is always a bed at hand if they need to rest and they can pack everything they need, be it toys or games. Additionally, children can watch films, play games, draw or take a nap instead of going on each other's nerves. There are sliding doors that allow your children to get their own room, or a section of the motorhome where they can be by themselves for a while and relax.

    Why you should hire motorhome with Auto Europe

    Our team for special reservations, consisting of experts who have worked exclusively with renting motorhomes worldwide, handles your booking in a caring way. There is a wide selection of motorhomes to choose from to suit all budgets. We will arrange a high quality campervan with a reliable supplier. We are partners with motorhome rental companies in more than 20 countries worldwide, those including Europe, North America and Australia. New destinations are now available in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia where you can pick up SUV motorhomes, perfect for safari!

    Motorhome holidays are the best option to travel with comfort and ease. Don't wait any longer and start planning your next adventure right now!

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