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    New Orleans - A Trip For All Senses 1

    We are taking you to New Orleans, a unique city where you can experience life to the fullest and have a special treat for all senses.


    What to see in New Orleans? No matter how comprehensive the answer, we are sure some things would always be left out completely unintentionally.

    French Quarter

    Vieux Carré is the cultural hub of New Orleans, the heartbeat of the city reflecting the real personality of New Orleans. Many a writer has been swept off their feet by the irresistible magic of the French Quarter. Seemingly a hotchpotch of architectural styles and ideas, this is the very place that preserves the essence of New Orleans - here hospitality is understood and the laid-back lifestyle is on full display. The French Quarter brims with history at every step. Feel the unique mixture of Creole, American and European influence reflected in the architectural gems, quaint boutiques and restaurants as you stroll along the old streets. The residential mix is more than apparent and while in recent years the French Quarter has become fashionable among celebrities, it is the old, local residents who will still welcome passers-by, thus keeping the warm tradition of the Vieux Carré alive.


    For the taste of old times and the lifestyle in southern plantations, head to one of the numerous historic homes and nine most famous plantations dotted on the outskirts of the city and Lousiana. Destrehan Plantation, for instance, holds an important place in the history of American democracy. Here you can see the original document signed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, and it is the very place where newly freed slaves came to learn various trades after the Civil War. The plantation hosts numerous events and artistic festivals year-round. If you'd like to catch a glimpse of the tradition of open hearth cooking, processing of sugar cane, dyeing with indigo or mixing African-American herbal medicine, you have come to the right place!

    New Orleans Arts District

    The city of New Orleans boasts a newly revamped Arts District established on the premises of the old Warehouse District. The space has enormous potential and attracts both artists and visitors from all corners of the world. Come and stay up-to-date on the newest artistic tendencies!

    The Garden District

    To get a little break from sightseeing and the city's dynamic scene, visit the Garden District and relax in the oak-lined neighbourhood full of fountains, canals and houses built in Greek and Italian Revival style.Don't forget to jump on one of the New Orleans' famous trams, also known as streetcars.

    Mardi Gras

    One of New Orleans' most beloved traditions and gifts to the rest of the world is definitely the Mardi Gras carnival. No one can say for sure how old the tradition is but nowadays millions of spectators get to enjoy it every year, either in person or broadcast at home. To get a sneak peek and a glimpse of the backstage of the great event, we recommend taking one of the Mardi Gras tours where you will learn more about the organisation of the festival and the parade themes around which it revolves.

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