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    New Year's Travel Resolutions

    Happy New Year! With a new year come new beginnings, and promises of doing more and better than the year before. And when it comes to new year's resolutions, travel plans and goals are often at the forefront. Here we have collected some of the most popular travel resolutions, and some tips on how to make those resolutions stick this year!

    Travel Resolution #1: Go somewhere new -There are obvious benefits to returning time and time again to a tried and true destination, but this can also have its drawbacks. True, travel is about relaxation and winding down, but it is also so much about new experiences and broadening your horizons. Aren't those the memories you cherish the most in hindsight, the times when you challenged yourself and stepped out of your comfort zone? Be brave this year, and head for the unknown!

    Travel Resolution #2: Unplug completely - These days so many of our work hours are spent on the phone or other portable devices, that as long as you are carrying that work phone with you, you won't feel like you are on holiday at all. If at all possible, don't check your email, or if you're really daring, switch it off! Instead of taking more pictures for Facebook and Instagram, try avoiding social media and making more memories 'in real life' instead. You won't regret it!

    Travel Resolution #3: Get to know the locals - Similarly to resolution #2, don't let your mobile device of choice dictate your whole trip. Apps are fantastic for learning more about the sights or finding your way around town, but if you want to discover the true colours of your chosen destination, you'd better ask the locals. Not only will they be able to suggest the most authentic restaurants and places you would have never thought of going, but you will also get a much more full and genuine picture of the place you visit.

    Travel Resolution #4: Be more patient and kind - This one would work as a great general resolution for all aspects of your life, but there is no escaping the fact that situations that arise while travelling are particularly well-suited for practicing your zen. Whether this takes the form of smiling more at airport staff or changing your attitude towards delays, it really pays off to be more positive. Not only will those around you feel better, but you will too!

    Travel Resolution #5: Travel more - This has to be the most popular one around. We all want to make the most of 2014, and what better way to do so than to see the world! So make this the year that you spend those precious vacation days carefully, and enjoy them to the fullest!

    And how do I stick to my resolutions - There are a few things you can do to finally make those travel plans a reality in 2014. First of all, be specific about where you want to go. Don't just name a region or country, but choose a city. This will concretise your trip from a mere dream to a realisable goal. Next, decide on a time, make the necessary arrangements, and commit to it. Even better, make it public. Telling others about your travel plan (where you are going and when) will make it more difficult for you to give up, and push you to move forward. Do your research and draw up itineraries. Or don't, if wandering freely in your destination is more your style. Either way, get excited about where you're going! And finally, save up for your trip. This may be the most difficult step, but it can easily be combined with another new year's resolution. For example, give up smoking, or go easy on the caffeine or alcohol, and you may save up sizeable travel funds in no time!

    We wish you all the best in your travels in 2014!

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