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    Top tips for staying calm in the face of road rage

    Driving, as a stress-inducing activity, inevitably involves dangerous situations on the road, with road rage being one of them. Rude gestures, verbal insults, physical threats and dangerous driving account for road rage. Unfortunately, all drivers know these situations too well. Research, conducted by Auto Europe, shows that each driver is involved in 2,709 such incidents on average. Road rage can lead to more dangerous behaviour with drivers trying to intimidate other people on the road, which in turn, can result in collisions and cause danger to our health and life.

    Tip #1

    What are the ways to deal with road rage? One would said, don't drive, and, perhaps, it would be the best advice to give. However, not all of us can skip all that time behind the driving wheel. Nevertheless, avoiding potentially stressful situation on the road is the key to stay away from road rage.

    Tip #2

    Traffic congestion and hectic life contribute to frustration that can often turn into road rage. If this is possible, avoid driving in peak times on busy arteries and use public transportation. Commuting to work by bus, train or tube allows you to spend some 'quality' time and catch up with the news, get back to the book you've been reading or daydream while looking through the window.

    Tip #3

    Once on the road, stay alert and think in advance to foresee dangerous situations. Keep safe distance to other cars in order to leave yourself some time to react to a potential risk on the road. When you notice a strangely behaving driver on the road - try to avoid coming close to that car or take it over fast.

    Tip #4

    When you are a victim of another driver being rude to you, try to stay out of a possible fight. Do not get into conversation with other angry drivers, it only adds fuel to the fire. The key is to keep calm and do not let other people irritate you and get tangled in something that can take out of control.

    Tip #5

    Other tips for staying calm behind the wheel include having a playlist of chill-out songs, taking deep breaths when tricky situations present themselves, ignoring abuse and avoiding using the car horn wherever possible.

    Tip #6

    Politeness can smooth the pain of the tormented souls of fellow drivers on the road. Smile, apologise and give way when needed. Let's be good to each other and help others on the road stay calm as well. All in all, everyone can have a bad day.

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