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    Singapore's Strange Laws

    How often do you actually familiarize yourself with the laws of a foreign country before visiting it? A harmless thing in your home country may turn into a night(mare) in prison abroad. We always try to play by the 'better safe than sorry' rules, so here is a short collection of weird laws in Singapore that we wish someone had told us before our trip.

    Chewing Gum

    Remember what your parents told you about chewing gum? In Singapore it's been proven right - chewing gum is no good.In this case, though, it is not only about your health but about your money. Chewing gum in Singapore will cost you up to $5,500 in a fine or a year in prison.


    Ever wondered how Singapore manages to keep its streets impeccable? By implementing draconian measures for tiny incidents is the answer! Throw some litter and you'll be charged $ 1000. Throw somemore and you'll be forced to do community service. Dare to do it again and you'll be forced to walk around with a sign saying 'I'm a litter lout!'.

    Hugging and kissing

    Public display of affection is not only frowned upon but can also be subject to fines or even imprisonment. Be sure you don't go too far-as the country is getting slightly more liberal, holdinghands and hugging are growing socially more acceptable. However, avoid kissing and fondling in public.


    Streets in Singapore are closely monitored so bear that in mind when you get the urge to cross the street somewhere convenient other than a pedestrian crossing. You are risking both a fine and upto 6 months in prison. Time to practice patience!

    Toilet matters

    Remember the last time you urinated in an elevator? We whole-heartedly hope you don't. Well, Singapore is not the best place to start doing so because elevators are equipped with special sensors called Urine Detection Devices which will set an alarm off, close the door and prompt a quick police action. Oh, another thing, if you have taken your matters to the right place, don't forget to flush the toilet. Not flushing means you are breaking the law.


    Destroying public and private property is quite a serious offence that will cost you not only money, but also some time in prison and, on top of everything, several strokes of caning. True story.

    Getting naked

    Don't even think of getting naked, not even in the comfort of your own home. While we appreciate the display of private parts in public is wrong, it may be hard to comprehend why you are not allowed to walk around naked at home. But you aren't. So just don't.

    This is only one excerpt from laws currently in force in Singapore. We hope you haven't been put off from visiting this cool country. Singapore is a well-developed country with a thriving economy and a good reputation of having clean streets, people with good manners and a high standard of living. Before setting off to Singapore, we suggest you remember these laws to spare yourself the trouble and make your trip unforgettable but only for good reasons.

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