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    Stay Alert Without Coffee

    Driving requires a good and steady energy level at all times as well as increased alertness usually boosted by unhealthy choices such as lots of caffeine and sugary drinks. The latest research commissioned by Auto Europe, the world's leading car hire broker, shows that drivers drink an average of 7,000 cups of coffee in their car during their driving lifetime!This staggering amount of caffeine does all but good to our bodies! We know that staying awake while driving is crucial to the safety on the road but with coffee being only one old worn-out way to more alertness during the drive, there is much more to consider. And no matter how tasty it is and how good it smells, the effects of too much coffee on our body can also be quite negative; increased heart rate, upset stomach and restlessness, to name only a few.

    Naturally, the best thing you can do when you are feeling drowsy is to take a short nap. Half an hour longer should not make a great difference in terms of the time spent on the road, but it could be a life changing difference in terms of your own safety and that of your family and fellow drivers. There is nothing bad about taking a short break at a safe place by the road. Choose a petrol station or a guarded car park in restaurants by the motorway and remember, better safe than sorry. A short nap will not only have an invigorating effect on your mind and body, but it will also help you to stay focussed longer and have more fun and less stress whilst driving long distances.

    Tip #1

    When things get really rough and you feel you are about to doze off, DO take a short nap break. Nothing beats tiredness like a long needed nap.

    Tip #2

    Stock up on vitamin C supplies. This fantastic vitamin has such an important role in your body aiding some of its vital functions. It will help you fight off fatigue, transform fats into energy, and boost your immune system. Whenever you have an opportunity, try to get your vitamin C from natural sources rather than from juices with added sugar. The perfect snacks would be bell peppers, strawberries, grapefruit and oranges, while the go-to drink is freshly squeezed lemonade with lots of ginger and a dash of turmeric.

    Tip #3

    There is nothing worse than having a long, straight road ahead of you and nothing to keep you company on the way. To avoid such boring situations that could possibly make you drowsy and dead bored before you know it, take someone with you. Talk about politics, life, philosophy, Earth, ecology, quantum mechanics - whatever rocks your boat and keeps you engaged in a thoughtful and captivating conversation.

    Tip #4

    Snacks! Pack up lots of snacks that will keep you busy. The ideal snack for the occasion are sunflower seeds packed with minerals. It will take you some time to split them open, remove the shell, before you can enjoy them.

    Tip #5

    Loud music! Seriously, how easy is it to fall asleep with pretty loud music coming from your stereo system? Of course, we're not talking songs for softies and the faint of heart but real music such as heavy metal! Whether you like it or not, you can't deny it's perfect for keeping you awake! You can sing to it at the top of your lungs and try to get even louder than the song!

    Tip #6

    Here's the perfect way of passing the time in the car for the whole family. Long car journeys are awesome for light guessing games. You could customize the popular games, add your own family's twist to it. The weirder and funnier, the better!

    Tip #7

    Cold water! This does not necessarily mean taking a cold shower at each stop. A face splash should do! Make sure to take a break every now and then, do some stretching and wash your face with cold water. It's also important to have some air flow and cooler temperature once you're back in the car to avoid the counter effect of warmth lulling you to sleep.

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