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    Tips for driving in hot weather

    When planning a trip overseas that involves driving, most of us automatically prepare by familiarising ourselves with the the rules of the road in the relevant country. It's important not to forget, however, that we ought to get ready for travelling in much hotter conditions, too. This is because driving in high heat can make sitting in the car for long periods uncomfortable (if you're unprepared, that is!), and can also have some negative effects on the car. So, here are our tips for happy hot-weather weather driving abroad.

    Carry plenty of water

    Always have a decent supply of water or other cold drinks to hand. As well as making sure that you, as the driver, have one within easy reach at all times, it is also worth filling a cool box with drinks and storing it in the boot. This will be a lifesaver if you get stuck in a jam - and you'll be very glad that they're cold!

    Wear sunglasses

    It's surprising how quickly strong sunshine can give you a headache, especially if you're not used to it - and when you're driving there's little respite. So, pack your sunglasses and pop them on from the outset to make sure your eyes are as well protected as possible.

    Use the air conditioning

    Gone are the days when summer driving meant being trapped in a suffocatingly hot car. Modern air conditioning systems can make road trips in strong sunshine a much more pleasant affair - and are particularly useful if you're travelling with children, who can find it difficult to cope with the heat.

    Check tyre pressure

    It's especially important to keep an eye on tyre pressures during hot weather, because both under and over-inflation can cause problems. When it comes to the former, the extra heat caused by the additional friction of under-inflated tyres means that the tyres could fail altogether. In the case of the latter, as air expands with heat, over-inflated tyres can become even more so when the mercury starts rising - and that's not good news for your hired car.

    Check engine fluids

    Hot weather also puts a lot of strain on car engines. So, before setting off on any journey, be sure to check that your cooling system, engine oil, and brake fluid are all at the recommended levels.

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