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    Secret Savers: Top 5 reasons men save money

    Whether saving for academic use, a new game station or even a family holiday in the sun. Auto Europe has commissioned a survey that exposes what men are really saving money for. In a “Secret Savers” poll conducted by Ginger Polls UK, 184 men from across the UK exposed some of the reasons why they save money.

    It was quite interesting to see that many men tend to have similar goals in mind, with all age groups desiring similar things but to different degrees and at different life stages.

    1) Save money for a car (24.5%)

    There is probably very little surprise that saving money for a car came top of many men’s wish list. 16-29 year olds (30.8%) made this one of their main priorities. They may have just passed their driving test and are now keen to get on the road. Simply maintaining your motoring can also be very costly, with insurance, MOT and general maintenance often taking up significant chunks of savings.

    2) Holidays (23.9%)

    Taking a much needed holiday always features highly for most age groups. For the 16-29 year olds (35.5%) and the over 60 year olds (35.9%) this came top on their wish list. Many guys enter a stage in their lives when they simply want to explore the world, visit far flung places and immerse themselves in different cultures. Some may find that they have more disposable income and time, deciding to no longer put off exploring the world.

    3) Other miscellaneous reasons (22.3%)

    Of those surveyed, 45-59 year olds (44.6%), preferred to save money for other purposes. Whether it was for a new 85” Ultra HD flatscreen TV, topping up the pension pot, taking up a hobby or buying the latest iPhone, for this age group other desires came top.

    4) Day to day spending (17.9%)

    A night on the town, going to the cinema or generally socialising can be costly. Factoring in the cost of a drink, food and travel, it is no wonder that many 30-44 year olds (21.5%) start saving money for such expenses. Some men even admitted that they had more expensive tastes compared to their partners.

    5) Weekend with mates (14.1%)

    Many guys also take their going out socialising very seriously. After all, why work long hours each day if the weekend can’t be enjoyed? From those surveyed 16-29 year olds (15.9%) and 30-44 year olds (14.8%), started saving money to be able to go out over the weekend with their mates. Catching up with some old friends, or even getting to know some work colleagues over a drink.

    Ultimately, for whatever reason money is being saved for; swanky holidays, motoring or a getaway – often the richness you gain from everlasting memories and friendships built far outweigh the effort required to save.

    If going on holiday is the reason for your saving, then why not throw in a hire car? Visit our website or call +44 123 3225 114 to find car hire at over 24,000 locations around the world.

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