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    Top 6 Things to Do in Casablanca

    This is a guest post from Omar, In A City Near You

    Travellers visiting Morocco tend to avoid Casablanca because it is a crowded economic capital where they don't get the chance to see anything exotic and typically Moroccan. Streets are busy, American fast-food chains are at every corner, modern ways of transport like the tramway, open-minded people It is the most westernised city in Morocco, but still there are loads of things to do there! Casablanca is my hometown and I'm able to draw a selection of the best attractions for travellers. Here are my top 6 things to do in Casablanca from a local and a traveller.

    1. Hassan II Mosque

    When travelling to a new city, I always look for new and unique experiences to try. So I thought, what is unique and would definitely be a new experience for someone visiting my hometown? Definitely Hassan II Mosque! This is the biggest mosque in the world (excluding Saudi Arabia's holy mosques) with the tallest minaret on earth. The mosque is seen from every corner of the metropolis. The architecture inside is Islamic inspired with a Moroccan touch of Zellige from Fez. The best thing to do to experience this place deeper is to take a guided tour for around 120 dhs (10 pounds) and explore the whole mosque. An unmissable attraction worth a stopover while visiting Morocco!

    2. Art Deco Buildings

    At a certain time in history, Morocco was a French colony. Therefore, Casablanca has preserved an architectural heritage from the colonial times in the 30s. The Art Deco Buildings are dominating the centre of the city, so a walk is recommended to see how beautiful some buildings are! Start from The United Nations Square and walk all along Mohammed V Street.

    3. Rick's Cafe

    If you've heard of Casablanca it's probably because of Casablanca the movie, and if you've seen this movie you'll surely remember Rick's Cafe! This mythical cafe does really exist! A replica of it as seen on the movie is in the Old Town. Its location is strategic, between the walls of the medina (old town), the Sqala fortifications built in the 18th century and the Port of Casablanca that has been operating for 100 years. I have been there for a drink and I do recommend this place! I've had a great welcome at the door and the restaurant takes you back to the 40s, plus, you get to see the most romantic movie of all time once again as Casablanca is on repeat on the screens of the restaurant.

    4. Habbous

    An interesting area to discover another side of the White City. This is a neighbourhood built by the French around the 30s to create a new medina. It looks like the traditional old Moroccan towns with some extras: larger streets and modern facilities. Moreover, it is the home of various traditional markets and also the Royal Palace, which is worth checking out while walking around.

    5. Shopping

    Casablanca is getting famous for fashion and shopping, therefore, it is the host of one of the biggest malls in Africa. Morocco Mall is a temple of shopping and leisure. Check out the aquarium, have a drink or a dinner in its giant food court or watch the show of the fountain outdoors, a large choice of things to do inside this mega mall. The mall has lots of brands from regular high street chains to high-end designers. I personally like this mall but I avoid it during weekends as it gets very crowded. Besides the Morocco Mall, there is Anfa Place Shopping Centre, The Twin Center and the whole area of Maarif for shopping addicts. To buy traditional Moroccan clothes or souvenirs, the Old Town is the best spot, however, it is advised to purchase traditional things in another city where products are produced locally.

    6. La Corniche

    From Anfa Place to Morocco Mall lays an entertaining area looking over the Atlantic Ocean. Go on a pleasant walk or even a run in the morning to experience a fresh weather followed by a swim as it gets warmer at Ain Diab Beach. Finally, get brunch at one of the cafés on the street.

    This is a guest post from Omar, In A City Near You. Omar is a young traveller, he is from Casablanca, Morocco and has recently moved to London, UK to start his studies in Accounting and Finance. Besides studying, he has a travel blog to share his passion and inspire his readers to travel and discover the world. At the age of 19, Omar has already visited 20 countries in Europe, Africa and North America.

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