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    Top Things Women are Saving Money For

    If you are secretly saving money for something in particular, what is it? That's the exact question asked in a survey commissioned by Auto Europe in 2017, brilliantly demonstrating the top things that British women are saving money for. From holidays to fashion items, some of the results are incredibly surprising - and divergent from the male perspective.

    A divorce - 2.3% of women that participated in the study save enough money to hire lawyers and become independent. It's always sad to see a couple falling apart, but, with the rise of divorce rates, this one is not too far-stretched. Hopefully, they will never have to break their piggy banks for this reason.

    Almost double the amount of women save money for cosmetic surgeries, whether it's for the wildly famous tummy tucks and breast implants, or less common procedures such as dimple creation and forehead augmentation. If it makes them feel even more beautiful and confident, it's worth saving money for!

    Short breaks abroad with friends are also important for 6.4% females. And that's not unexpected, as few things in life are more enjoyable than travelling with friends. Regarding the topic of holidaying with their besties, 11.7% of girls mentioned it once more in this study. They admitted to saving money for a weekend away - perhaps a spa resort escapade, a beach day, or even the quintessential shopping spree. And that goes hand in hand with the 14.6% that allocated their secret budget to a car. The freedom, mobility and convenience that come with a vehicle well justify saving money for it, even if it's just a car hire. According to the study, candidates also store an average amount of £2,468 away from their partner's eyes, and 17.5% of them do so in order to afford their own more lavish expenses, therefore avoiding minor relationship disagreements related to money.

    Besides travel and expensive taste expenses, women also have their eyes on fashion items. 7% are saving money to afford a designer bag. We understand. There is something really satisfying about purchasing designer bags with our own money. Sometimes as a celebration of achieved milestones, others as a reward for working hard, or even just as retail therapy. The same percentage of ladies has the intention of using their saved up bills to invest in a teeth whitening procedure, for a fresher and brighter smile. Moreover, 15.8% are going an extra mile and saving even more money for their fashion indulgences and secret purchases.

    However, for over 10% of participants, the piggy bank money works as a safety net. A much needed safeguard in case they find themselves jobless and without other offers lined up. According to 5.3%, maternity buffer is another use for the money stashed away. This gives moms-to-be the necessary peace of mind to dedicate themselves to their little babies.

    Of course there are many other motives for saving money, as stated by 25.1% of the females interviewed. They want to make sure they are able to afford books, tuition, movie tickets, nice meals, gifts for family and friends, treats for their pets, and so on. At last, the biggest reason for a secret piggy bank is holidaying.

    The majority of British women (31%) are saving money for their travel endeavours. Not just a short break or weekend getaway, but a proper holiday - preferably with bottomless margaritas. No further explanation needed, right?! After reading this article, you may have related to one or numerous reasons for saving money. Let us know in the comments down below the purpose of your own piggy bank!

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