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    Top tips for staying safe in the sun on holiday

    With the summer in full swing, many of us cannot wait to hit the beach and soak up the sun. It turns out we can do a lot to help our skin get ready for sunbathing even before we get on the plane to a sunny paradise. The latest survey shows that 33% of Brits sunbathe for at least three hours a day on holiday, arriving at their sunbed at 10 am. We are going to give you a few simple tips for staying safe in the sun on holiday.

    1. Understanding the tanning process

    The key to safe sunbathing is understanding how our skin reacts to the sun and what can cause potential health risk.As soon as we expose ourselves to the sun, our skin knows it needs to protect itself. Melanocyte-stimulating hormone triggers the production of melanin which gives us protection from UV rays, by giving our skin a darker shade. This process protects us from UV rays that can damage our skin and cause possible cancer. It is necessary to let our skin develop its natural protection and allow our body produce enough levels of vitamin D.

    2. How to prepare your skin for a sunny holiday

    Staying in the sun without sunscreen for 10 minutes a day for one week and gradually turning it into 30 minutes in the next week, will give our skin a boost to produce melanin. This will also level up the vitamin D in our bodies. It does not mean we should abandon using sunblock creams altogether. No, instead, we should prepare our skin for the sun

    .3. Understanding UVA and UVB rays

    There are two types of sun rays. UVA and UVB. UVA rays penetrate the deeper layers of our skin and can cause earlier ageing and wrinkling as well as cancer. UVB rays reach to the top layer of our skin and turn it red. This is a natural signal for us to see that we have been sunbathing for too long and there has been some skin tissue damage. Now, since basic sunblock creams protect us from UVB rays only, it means we are tricked into staying in the sun longer as our skin won't send us a signal by turning red. This is how it is vital to prepare our skin by previous gradual sun exposure and let it produce melanin.

    4. What sunblock cream and how to apply it?

    Remember what we said about UVB and sunblock creams? Reach for „full spectrum' or „broader spectrum' creams that will protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Opt for natural ingredients to lower toxic ingredients in your body.Apply sunscreen fifteen to thirty minutes before exposing yourself to the sun. After thirty minutes on the beach, apply the cream again and after swimming.

    5. Time, shade and water

    The highest levels of radiation appear between 10 am and 4 pm. Avoid longer exposure to the sun at this time. Stay in the shade or lie under an umbrella. Additionally, drink plenty of water and wear sunglasses and a hut.

    6. Treating sunburn

    There are many natural ways to treat sunburn, but you won't need to use them if you go with the above tips. The best thing you could do to help your skin rest is to cool it down by taking a cold shower. Do not use soap or shower gels that include perfume as these dehydrate your skin even further. Apply aloe lotion on skin. Cool compresses are also a good option if you are in pain. Stay in the shade and let your skin rest.

    7. Be good to yourself

    The best protection is prevention by preparing our skin for holidays. Be good to yourself and grade the sun exposure to boost your skin natural protection processes.

    This way you will be able to enjoy the sun on holidays!

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