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    Top ways to keep the kids happy on long car journeys

    Hiring a car and having the freedom of your own four wheels can be a real advantage when holidaying overseas - particularly if your chosen destination isn't well served by public transport. But, parents will be all too familiar with how unhappy children can get during long car journeys, so it is always worth looking for ideas on how to keep them in good spirits. Here are a few of our favourites.

    1) Tablet computers and handheld consoles

    Handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS and tablet computers are an easy way of keeping children happy on car journeys, as they can watch their favourite shows or play games as you travel. Just remember to pack several sets of headphones if you have more than one child, otherwise you could find the car gets quite noisy!

    2) Puzzle books and storybooks

    If you'd rather your children didn't spend hours staring at a computer screen, pack puzzle books and storybooks instead. These are also a good idea even if you are bringing tablets and consoles, just in case the batteries run out.

    3) Audio books and children's shows

    If you would rather enjoy something as a family, invest in some audio books, or perhaps a child-friendly podcast, which you can listen to together while you drive.

    4) Regular stops

    Of course, no matter how much fun the kids are having in the car, they are bound to get restless sooner or later. So, make sure you plan regular stops and give them a little time to run and around and burn off some energy before they get back in the car.

    5) Favourite snacks

    There's something about long car journeys that tends to make everyone feel slightly peckish, so pack some snacks that you know your kids love. If you'll be travelling over a meal time, why not prepare a picnic and find a grassy spot to stop and enjoy a fun lunch before continuing your journey?

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