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    What holidays give you the best break from work

    The way we spend our free time impacts our professional life, influences creative thinking and can provide energy for physical tasks. Set your mind free on holidays and come back to work refreshed, and in a way, prolong your holiday by feeling properly rested! Here at Auto Europe, we've put a list together of different types of holidays that can influence you well after the suitcase has been packed away!

    1. Sightseeing

    Some of us can only switch off our thoughts about work by tricking our minds into giving it something else to think of and sightseeing certainly gives us this possibility! However, not just any sights will make you happy. Look for the places that most strike your interest. Italy, for example, is home to numerous sightseeing attractions. Exploring new places boosts our imagination, inspires us, lets us learn and helps us undertake new challenges. We recommend this type of holidays for people with creative professions.

    2. Active holiday

    Some of us need to trick their minds a different way - with physical activities. Some of us can only stop thinking about work by pushing ourselves to the limit, and only then the stress fades away. Active holidays are beneficial for those who have stressful work and who stay seated behind a desk for hours. You'll come back to work full of energy and new ideas. Additionally, physical activities improves brain performance, memory, concentration and helps process information faster.

    3. Lazy holiday on a beach

    Sunbathing on a beach is best for those who work physically. Lazy sunbathing regenerates the spine, joints and muscles. The sun provides us this extra boost of energy and enhances positive thinking. Therefore, a lazy vacation on the sunny beach may be also helpful if you are involved in team work.

    4. Nature holiday

    Consider castaway holiday, without Internet access or a mobile phone. Such rest is needed for people in high-rank positions. Some of us need to spend their holiday far away from civilisation, where we won't be able to check emails and call colleagues from work. Staying close to nature and doing sweet nothing is like a spa for our brain, which can take some rest from work as well. This is when our thoughts are free to wander. Such time can be revolutionary, this is when some great ideas for solving problems can flash into our mind. What is your favourite way of spending a holiday? What type are you? Or perhaps you are all of these? Share your thoughts with us!

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