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    All About UK Holidaymakers

    While everyone knows the sun, sea and sand are something to look forward to, these can feel like a world away before the holiday begins.

    Holiday headaches are always unpleasant for Brits, but some can be so bad that they spoil a trip altogether according to a major new survey by Auto Europe.

    The poll reveals that the biggest annoyance is flight delays, which will come as no surprise to those of us who have had to while away the hours in the departures lounge, hoping that we can get on the plane soon and start relaxing.

    Flight cancellations are the next biggest irritant for UK Holidaymakers who are about to go on their travels – something that can put a fly in the ointment and ruin a well-planned trip, as can leaving passports at home.

    Airport security is perceived to be a hassle by many of us, as despite what the world thinks about us, we don’t actually like queuing up. Waiting can be made even worse when people haven’t put their toiletries in the little plastic bag or have left an enormous bottle of perfume in their handbag.

    For some Brits, the headaches don’t stop once the wheels are in the air, as there may be even more problems waiting for them on the other side. Waiting for luggage to appear on the carousel is vexing, particularly when it fails to appear, leaving you facing the possibility of having no clean clothes for a week.

    Having your face and credentials scrutinised at passport control is an annoyance for many of us, while others get irked by sub-standard accommodation and food once we arrive at our destination if it’s nothing like the brochure or travel agent described.

    Many of Auto Europe’s respondents used some tried-and-tested strategies to help avoid having to deal with any of these holiday headaches, such as reading reviews on sites like TripAdvisor and planning a route to the airport to circumvent traffic delays.

    Tell us what your holiday nuances are over and what gets you all hot and bothered before your holiday over at Auto Europe’s Facebook page.

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