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    Urban Explorer

    Just because some places grow on you and after a while it just feels comfortable, you don't have to give in to the routine of everyday life. When you start feeling your life is on auto-pilot and everything you do is just sleep-commute-work-sleep, perhaps it's time for a wake up call. With the apps we're going to show you, there is no need for any radical moves. We promise you won't have to sell everything and move to Alaska, start an underwater commune in south-east Asia or go volcano surfing in South America.For starters, you would need to download some of these apps and show some passion for adventure. The next step is to let your city embrace you all over again but now as a newcomer who'll yet again discover it from a brand new perspective. Let the urban exploration begin!


    The term dérive stands for drifting, one of the essential practices of Situationists, the French artistic movement known for challenging the influence of social space on individual lives and reality apprehension through rapid change of ambiances. Inspired by this idea, the Dérive app encourages playful exploration of the city through a number of seemingly random activities. Unlike any GPS, it will help you get lost in your city and get to know it afresh through silly and fun tasks. Follow someone with a blue hat, sit on a park bench, get off your bus at the 8th stop...Simply drift away in your own city with Dérive curious cues.


    Serendipity has a beautiful meaning. The term coined in the 18th century denotes fortunate coincidence or a pleasant surprise and that is precisely what Serendipitor is all about. It will start as an ordinary navigation app that calculates the route between the origin and desired destination. Now comes the catch! The mapped route will change according to the playtime you can spare and it will show you sweet distractions on the way. As you proceed, the app will give you suggestions as to what to see and do around your route. You may never reach the original destination but you may experience a number of haphazard slips instead. From time to time, Hollywood celebrities leave their touch on the app by giving their tips on how to change the route.


    Drift lets you once again see your city through the eyes of a newcomer. In some respects similar to Dérive, the app gives you instructions what to do and also what kind of photos to take in order to accomplish the task. It may be all sorts of things but it mostly involves objects that go unnoticed e.g. 'find something inquisitive to photograph' or 'walk south 300 feet and take a photo of an object in desperate need of repair'. Give it a try and see your neighbourhood from a different angle. You will slowly notice how your own city is acquiring a completely new dynamics.

    Modern times call for modern ways. While it may seem ironic that we need apps for something as natural as exploring our own space, there shouldn't be any harm in engaging with the latest technology to rekindle our love of our city. Whatever it takes to bring some novelty into daily routine! Auto Europe wishes you happy wandering!

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