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    Ways to beat jet lag

    Travelling to a faraway destination on a plane leads to only one thing; jet lag! What is this phenomenon that strikes us down and how can we beat it?

    Now for the science bit

    Jet lag's official medical name is 'desynchronosis' and is caused by changes to your circadian rhythms. In layman's terms your body clock gets thrown out of sync and doesn't know what to do.There are a few changes you can make both before you travel and during your flight that will help ease the affect jet lag has on your body so that when you arrive at your destination you will feel almost human.

    Before you travel

    For the few days leading up to your journey try to be as healthy as possible. Eat healthy meals and drink plenty of water, make sure you have sufficient sleep and avoid caffeine at all costs!

    During your flight
    • When on-board set your watch to the local time of your destination.
    • No matter how tempting the free bar is avoid alcohol and stick to water and fruit juice.
    • Keep your blood flow strong by regularly walking around and don't be afraid to do a few stretches!
    • Wear comfy clothes for the flight; you can even bring your slippers.
    • Bring a wash bag on-board; washing your face and brushing your teeth is a great way to stay fresh.
    • Earplugs and eye masks are a must; there is nothing worse than trying to get a few hours' sleep and all you can hear are other passenger's conversations.
    Forward plan your arrival day and if your flight arrives into your destination in the early hours of the morning it is a good idea to try and stay awake for the full day. That way you can get a good night's sleep and be ready for action the next day. If you journey takes you to the US and you arrive in on a night flight it's probably a good idea to book an airport hotel for the night and pick up your US car hire bright and early the next day!

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