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    Weird Ice Cream Flavours Around The World

    Forget everything you’ve ever known about ice cream. Sweet, creamy and vanilla flavours are passé. If you’d like to keep up with the new culinary fashion and stay trendy, think meat, fish and veggies.
    While taste is not disputable, we cannot stress enough that the said new sorts are not tailored for everyone’s taste buds.
    Let us now take you on a cool journey inspired by weird ice cream flavours around the world.
    Bring on the summer!

    Europe may be old school and not so fast to hop onto a new trend . When it does, at least in this case, you will see its beautiful culinary heritage carefully woven into the new fashionable trend. Take Italy and France as an example. The Calabrian town of Tropea is not only famous for its sparkling sea and spectacular vistas, but also for a long tradition of producing Cipolla Rossa di Tropea, the sweetest onion ever. This red onion is literally everywhere, including jams and ice cream!
    The French, on the other hand, have used a masterpiece of French cuisine and perfected foie gras ice cream. It may not be as bad as it sounds as it contains French wine. There is literally nothing that a little bit of red wine cannot improve!

    North America
    As a well-known melting pot of cultures, both Canada and the States boast a wide variety of unexpected ice cream flavours, heavily influenced by the respective traditions of its citizens. It’s quite difficult to choose only one but this time the Alaskan dessert Akutaq is our best pick. Handcrafted using Alaskan staples for surviving in cold weather, Akutaq is made of whale fat, reindeer fat, shellfish and seal oil as its basis. The only thing that connects Akutaq with our idea of proper ice cream are the berries added in for taste.

    South America
    The absolute leader in the whole of South America is an ice cream shop in Venezuela with over 900 flavours! The shop has even been featured in the Guiness Book of Record. Some of the flavours are standard while some are pretty weird. If you don’t mind a little bit of awkwardness that’s not so easy on the palate, you should definitely go for the sardines in brandy flavour. We bet it’s something you won’t easily forget.

    As Japan deserves its own category when it comes to odd inventions and weird foods, we’ll leave it aside and focus on other places in Asia where you can be served bizarre ice creams. The winner among these is definitely the island of the Philippines. Here you can satisfy your sweet tooth with an ice cream sort made of crocodile eggs. The shop owner swears by their high protein content, less cholesterol and a texture creamier than that of standard chicken eggs. Are you health-conscious enough to be convinced by these hard facts?

    The controversial Vegemite divides opinion and tastes like no other bread spread. You can either love it or hate it but always be sure to praise it when with your Australian friends. The strong savoury flavour is the basis for the ice cream that is gaining popularity in Australia.

    Africa fortunately fails to offer ice cream lovers anything weirder than beetroot, honeycomb and guava with chilli ice cream flavours. They all seem pretty exotic, appealing and, most of all, sweet and strictly vegetarian. Granted, we consider ourselves quite adventurous, but Africa would definitely be our place of choice for an ice cream marathon.

    Do you have a go-to weird ice cream flavour? How fast are you to embrace new trends? Would you like to try any of these this summer? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!

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