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    What to do in a heat wave?

    Rainy and chilly summers will inevitably cause a whole myriad of complaints about the weather. It is too cold, wet or grey for a summer. The same goes for hot and scorching summer months, pretty much like those we are experiencing right now. One way or another, they cannot be avoided, but they can be dealt with.Whining aside, let's try to think of the best ways of dealing with the sweltering heat.

    1. Keep cool

    Obviously, this is the main goal during a heat wave. Take frequent showers with mild (not cold) water. Be sure your sheets are made of cotton or silk rather than artificial fabric. Put your blinds down and turn the air-conditioning on. It is not recommended to chill the room too much, though. Keep it moderate and pay more attention to your body temperature than the one in the room.The best would be to stay indoors. If you really have to go out, be sure you dress light and cover your legs and arms with some loose piece of clothing. Avoid going out in the hottest hours of the day and direct exposure to the sun.

    2. Drink lots of water

    Keep hydrated! Drink lots of water and cut down on coffee, alcohol and sugary drinks. Coffee may help you stay alert, but it will dehydrate your body at the same time. Keep on sipping water and freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. Make sure your food intake is also on the lower side with lots of salads and fresh fruit.

    3. Go for a walk late in the evening

    If the temperatures subside later in the evening, you can go for a walk and finally get that long awaited breath of fresh air. The adventurous may opt for night-swimming in the local swimming pool or the sea near the coast. Don't do this if you are alone!While at home, just relax. It could be the perfect time for binge-watching your favourite TV shows, light summer reads and experimenting with healthy ice-cream sorts!

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