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    Travelling with your Motorhome during winter

    Yes, it is possible to drive a motorhome during winter. And yes, it’s possible to sleep comfortably in it when the temperature drops below zero. Our blog will show you that driving a campervan in winter can not only be a great adventure, but it is also a great and cost effective way to travel and explore. So buckle up and enjoy the ride through magical winter vistas with our best tips for your motorhome travels this winter.

    See what others miss
    Winter can change the countryside into a wonderland with landscapes transforming into a different world when covered with snow. Drive your motorhome to the woods and go for a magical walk. The glistening trees, topped with snow and the frozen stillness of the forest will teleport you into a magical and care-free world where your imagination is awoken. Enjoy nature in its winter shroud and you will feel your inner batteries recharge instantly. Even though the days are shorter in winter in places like Norway or Finland, spotting the northern lights make up for the lack of sunlight. A trip to the most northern part of Scandinavia is your best bet for an Aurora Borealis holiday. Drive away from the city lights with your campervan and take in the real treat of the northern lights.


    Enjoy winter sports
    With the arrival of winter, different kinds of snow activities become available. Take advantage of a plethora of snow sports and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. With a campervan, you will be able to drive from one ski slope to another. You will also have more room to store your own winter sports equipment. Many ski resorts offer campsite facilities, so check with your chosen destination before you travel, and stay close to nature right at the ski slope. Most popular winter destinations in Europe include southeast France, southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria and northern Italy. These countries offer fantastic winter sports facilities and are home to scenic and well-maintained ski routes.

    Fewer crowds & lower camping prices
    Take advantage of the less-crowded roads during the winter months. Low traffic contributes to less time spent behind the steering wheel and decreases the level of stress. Another advantage is that the campsite prices tend to drop during the off-season, which allows you to save some money. Before you arrive, check which campsites stay open in winter and which ones provide electricity and sanitary facilities. When temperatures drop below zero it is not recommended to use the shower and toilet in your campervan hire. Frozen water can cause damage to the vehicle which is not covered by the rental insurance.

    Winter Forest

    Driving your motorhome in winter
    Driving in winter does not have to be challenging to the point where you lose your holiday spirit. Staying safe on the road requires adjusting to weather conditions and adhering to the local driving regulations. Therefore, do some research into the local weather conditions and road rules before your travel and feel more confident when driving abroad. Below are a few general tips on how to drive your motorhome safely during winter:

    – Driving in the dark makes you more tired than usual so it’s a good idea to make sure that you have a good night’s sleep before starting your journey and to take turns driving the vehicle.

    – Assessing distances in the dark is also more difficult than in daylight so keeping your distance to motorist in front of you is advisable. A distance of 2 meters and more is recommended. Especially since the road conditions might be perilous with snow, rain or black ice.

    – When driving on roads with snow on the ground there might be clouds of powder snow reducing your line of sight when meeting oncoming traffic like heavy trucks. Make sure to reduce your speed in advance when you see oncoming traffic and focus on the right hand side edge of the driving lane. This way you will reduce the risk of unconsciously driving more to the left side.

    – During dusk and dawn it is important to remember that a lot of wild animals, like deer might be moving around so pay extra attention during these hours.

    Prepare yourself & stay warm
    Don’t worry about frost bites during your travel. Rental campervans come with special isolation, reinforced floors and are equipped with powerful gas heaters that will keep you warm day and night. Additionally, vehicles also have an electrical heating system, so make sure that the campsite you will be staying at provides a sufficient power supply. Verify with your rental supplier if the vehicle is fitted with snow tyres and if snow chains can be used. The rental office staff will advise you on how to keep your motorhome safe and warm should you need additional information during your trip. And last but not least, don’t forget to pack some warm clothes.

    Happy travels in your motorhome this winter!

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