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    Should I hire a car with or without a mileage limit?

    Sticking to a fixed itinerary or playing it by ear when on the road? Whatever your preferred option of travelling is, you can only benefit from unlimited mileage car hire. As for the majority of Auto Europe’s customers, the number of miles you will be covering on your next trip plays a significant role in choosing the right car hire option. Are you travelling for business, pleasure or both? Keep reading to find out more about booking a car hire with unlimited mileage from Auto Europe.

    Make a search for a car with unlimited mileage

    Car hire companies will often offer you special vehicles with a mileage limit. Most often, this will include sports and luxury cars as well as small convertibles and SUVs or premium class cars. On the other hand, the standard and most frequently rented car classes normally come with unlimited mileage. You can spot them easily on our booking engine before you proceed with the reservation. In the search results, you will see the mileage information under the name of the vehicle, alongside the other basic information.

    Is mileage shown in miles or kilometres?

    When you book a car with limited miles or kilometres, it is extremely important to know which unit of distance measurement is in place in the country where you are renting the vehicle. Calculating the exact price including the local fees could lead to different results if you measure the distance in miles and the car rental company does it in kilometres. At destinations where distance is measured in miles, your voucher will show limited miles and vice versa. One kilometer is 0.6 mile while one mile is 1.6 kilometres.

    Auto Europe rates with limited mileage

    Thanks to Google maps, you can now easily calculate the distance you are planning on covering with your rental car. Obviously, one should always count on unpredicted events “just in case” and, accordingly, plan more miles into the trip. If the vehicle comes with limited mileage, simply divide the maximum number of miles with the total number of days for your trip, to see how many miles a day you are allowed to drive. Our range of offers is as extensive as our clients’ preferences. Please pay attention when booking to whether the car comes with limited mileage or you can have unlimited mileage car hire. You can see this information on the vehicle description once you click on the vehicle of your choice in the search results. Click on the “rate details” to find out exactly how many miles or kilometres are included in the price.

    Always the best offers: Auto Europe car hire with unlimited mileage

    The best reason to book a car hire with unlimited miles is to take advantage of our best price guarantee. We continuosly work on improving our rates and comparing them to those of our competitors. Should you find a car rental under the same conditions advertised at a lower price elsewhere, we are ready to beat that price! We especially recommend unlimited mileage car hire for long-term rentals. Choose one of our 20, 000 destinations worldwide – from Canada to Brazil or from Australia to Russia – we have you covered. Another good reason to book with Auto Europe is our award-winning customer service, knowledgeable reservation specialists and their availability 7 days a week. Our reservations specialists are here to answer all your questions. Call us on +44 123 3225 114 seven days a week!