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    Campervan 4x4 hire in Namibia

    In an attempt to meet the highest expectations of modern travellers, Auto Europe has expanded its services to now include 4x4 campervan hire in Namibia. This country is home to diverse countryside inhabited by African elephant, lions and rare white rhinos. A family safari trip with a 4WD car will definitely be your best way to see the wealth of Namibian wildlife in all its beauty.

    Travelling in Namibia

    The Namib desert stretches along the country's coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, and on the east of Namibia, the Kalahari desert covers a vast area of land. This way, travelling in Namibia is limited to the routes between the main cities and nature parks such as Bwabwata National Park or Etosha National Park, which protect endangered species. A 4WD campervan hire in Namibia is, therefore, the best way to see the most of the country. Throughout Namibia, you will find plenty of campervan parks close to large cities as well as natural parks. Tour through Namibia your own way with a motorhome from Auto Europe and enjoy the open road and the abundant wildlife in its natural habitat.

    Top campervan destinations in Namibia

    Motorhome hire Swakopmund
    Motorhome hire Walvis Bay
    Walvis Bay
    Motorhome hire Windhoek


    Our suppliers in Namibia include international companies such as Britz, KEA, Bobo and Bushlore Africa who offer modern motorhomes, including 4WD vehicles. Pick-ups are possible from the country's capital, Windhoek, and from two cities by the Atlantic coast, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

    Available Motorhomes in Namibia

    Take a look at sample models of motorhomes available for pick-up in Namibia. We are offering both standard motorhomes and 4WD vehicles, perfect for safari trips. See which of the models suits your travel requirements best and view detailed information about it. Click on the search box above to find all the available motorhomes.

    4x4 SC Nissan Diesel NAVI 4x4 Bushcamper

    Nissan Navi

    Sleeps: 2 pax
    Category: Truck
    Length: 5.4 Metres
    Transmission: Man. 4X4
    Power Source: Diesel


    Sleeps: 3 pax
    Category: Pop Top
    Length: 5.56 Metres
    Transmission: Man. 4X4
    Power Source: Diesel
    Ford Ranger 4x4 Luxury Family/Group Safari Luxury Safari Overlander

    Luxury Family

    Sleeps: 4 pax
    Category: Roof Tent
    Length: 5.35 Metres
    Transmission: Man. 4X4
    Power Source: Diesel

    Luxury Safari

    Sleeps: 5 pax
    Category: Pop Top
    Length: 5.354 Metres
    Transmission: Man. 4X4
    Power Source: Diesel
    Discoverer 6 Toyota Fortuner

    Discoverer 6

    Sleeps: 6 pax
    Category: Class C
    Length: 5.33 Metres
    Transmission: Man./Aut.
    Power Source: Diesel

    Toyota Fortuner

    Capacity: 7 pax
    Category: SUV
    Length: 5 Metres
    Transmission: Aut. 4x4
    Power Source: Petrol

    Useful links this site provides a list of campervan parks in Namibia.