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    Campervan hire in Windhoek

    Did you know that you can find a campervan hire in Windhoek at affordable prices? Auto Europe's offer has expanded now to include not only superb car hire, but also motorhomes in Namibia. As one of the leading brokers, we boast excellent cooperation with major car hire suppliers in over 180 countries around the world. Plan your travel itinerary at your convenience and embark on a safari in Botswana or South Africa. Experience the continent and people from a different perspective and enjoy the proximity to nature. You can book your caravan at Auto Europe easily online or by phone. Our specialists will be glad to answer all your questions and help you select the correct model. Do not try to compare Namibia with South Africa and Windhoek with Cape Town or Johannesburg. Both countries are located in the south of Africa and border with each other, but each country offers its own flair.

    Motorhome hire in Windhoek

    Pick up a campervan hire in Windhoek and get to know Namibia's unique landscape. Namibia, just like neighbouring Botswana, is a country that is not only perfect for a road trip, but also offers a large number of campsites. Following is a small selection for you to choose from. is a centrally located cosy campsite in the heart of Windhoek. Large trees that provide shade, Wi-Fi, beautiful bathrooms and a sparkling swimming pool await campers. It is only a 5 minute walk to the legendary Joe's Beerhouse or a good Portuguese restaurant. For more convenience, you will find, just around the corner, a small shopping centre with a bank, cash machine, post office, supermarket, pharmacy, 24 hour gas station, car wash, butcher shop, café etc.
    Arebbusch For the comfort of guests, there is a swimming pool, a restaurant and a reception open 24 hours a day. There is a laundry service, shuttle service and the purchase of a voucher will get you Internet access in the restaurant, either via a wireless network or a fixed Internet access. There are two options available on the premises - luxury camping and standard camping.
    Daan Viljoen National Wildlife Park Nestled in the heart of nature is Sun Karros Daan Viljoen Lodge (12 miles from Windhoek), where camper guests can get their money's worth. This is a fantastic campsite that leaves nothing to be desired due to its perfect facilities. Enjoy the specially organised safari or sunset excursions from the camp. You can also explore the park on your own if you prefer.
    Namib's Valles of a Thousand Hills Namib's Valley of the Thousand Hills is located in Namib on highlands with a panoramic view of the Guab Valley. The valley is dotted with thousands of hills that create a photographer's paradise. This jewel is one of the youngest tourist attractions in Namibia and it is a must if you visit the country. The valley is about 112 miles from Windhoek, 103 miles from Walerv Bay and 112 miles from Sesriem.
    Tented Camp Gecko The absolute "Out of Africa" feeling is the Tented Camp Gecko. The luxury of nature is reflected in the simplicity of things. Relax by the camp fire, dive into another world, enjoy Namibia's unique sunsets, sleep under the stars and listen to the sounds of the night. The exciting 3-hour journey to this camp will pay off completely.

    Available campervans in Windhoek

    >Below you can find a selection of campervans that can be rented in Windhoek. This is only a small part of all of our great offers. You have the choice between 4-wheel drive vehicles or standard motorhomes. Keep in mind that the road conditions in Namibia are special and a 4x4 drive can prove extremely beneficial, especially if you want to travel longer distances. However, you should also remember that each model has its advantages and disadvantages. In the case of a motorhome, you do not have the annoying change-over or clearing-up at every place where you spend the night. The noise level when driving can be quite high due to the objects which one carries along in the camper. Choose yourself what is more important for you, but also bear in mind that travelling with children in a motorhome is more comfortable than within a 4x4 vehicle.

    Discoverer FunX2 4x4 Toyota Double Cab 2.8 A/T 4x4

    Discoverer FunX2

    Sleeps: 2 pax
    Category: Campervan
    Length: 5.6 Metres
    Transmission: Manual 4WD
    Power Source: Diesel

    Toyota DoubleCab

    Sleeps: 4 pax
    Category: Roof Tent
    Length: 5.3 Metres
    Transmission: Autom. 4WD
    Power Source: Diesel
    Ford Ranger Double Cab 4x4 Luxury Safari Overlander 6 STL

    Safari Overlander

    Sleeps: 5 pax
    Category: Pop Top
    Length: 5.35 Metres
    Transmission: Manual 4WD
    Power Source: Diesel

    6 STL Motorhome

    Sleeps: 6 pax
    Category: Class C
    Length: 6.9 Metres
    Transmission: Automatic
    Power Source: Diesel

    Worth knowing about Windhoek

    Namibia, with Windhoek as its capital, is often referred to as "Africa for beginners". It is the city where travellers of different tastes meet; there are those who come here to take a break from the country's tough road conditions, and there are those who feel Windhoek is too "Western" for their African taste. Both groups are quite right. Alongside the modern cityscape, visitors can enjoy strolling through Post Street Mall, a lively pedestrian zone with its colourful shops.

    There are handicrafts, clothing and local products on offer, with sales people being loud and trying to attract potential customers. The towers of the neo-baroque St. Mary's Cathedral rise up between German castles and the modern high-rise buildings made of glass and steel. These obvious contrasts make Windhoek a great and very special place, which is an excellent start or end destination for your trip or for a safari break. The diversity of the food, the shopping experience and the African flair give this city a uniqueness not seen to this extent anywhere else in Namibia.
    The central Zoo Park is considered the green heart of the city, ideal for a walk or a picnic. It is a shady retreat, which was used 5000 years ago in the Stone Age for elephant hunting. The remains of two elephants and several quartz tools dating from this time were found here in the early 1960s. There is also the Elephant Column, designed by the Namibian sculptor Dörthe Berner.
    Besides this monument, there is also the war memorial, surpassed by a mighty-looking golden imperial eagle, dedicated in 1987 to the memory of German soldiers who died in the Nama wars of 1893-94.

    With a motorhome hire in Windhoek, you will be visiti not only these, but also other interesting sites. Windhoek's most famous landmark is the German Lutheran Church, located on a traffic island in the city centre. An unusual building made in 1907 from the local sandstone and designed by architect Gottlieb Redecker in contradictory Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau styles. The resulting design looks strange for many, because it reminds them of a gingerbread house. The altar, the resurrection of the Lazarus, is a copy of the renowned work of Rubens. The Daan-Viljoen Game Park is a beautiful nature reserve in the Khoma Highland, about 11 miles west of Windhoek. Walk along the numerous hiking trails or take one of two round trips and experience the thrill of watching numerous animal species.