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    Car Hire In Rovaniemi With Auto Europe

    A car hire in Rovaniemi gives you the chance to explore northern Finland, a city worth exploring for its diverse history into gold mining and of course the special relationship it has with Santa Claus being one of the major celebrities living there. Huge changes have occurred since the second world war which left Rovaniemi in ruins not only from being attacked but by the Finnish army themselves by blowing up a train full of ammunition setting fire to some of timber built buildings causing a spread of wild fire destroying every house in site. The rebuild of the city slowly started and has never looked back and excelled in every way, the locals making the most of the natural resources available to them to bring this city back to life. Rovaniemi has a population of around 60.000 inhabitants and is growing slowly, in the decades following the rebuilding of this city is has become a central point of interest in itself for its natural surroundings and historical features not forgetting the Northern Lights which can also been seen on clear nights between the months of April and September. Let Auto Europe help you make this visit a visit to remember. One of the main attractions in Rovaniemi is Santa Claus and if lucky going to visit him at Santa’s office, its best to pre-book any visits as holiday seasons tend to get very busy with tourists wanting to me meet Santa Claus and not forgetting Rudolph the reindeer and his friends. Depending on what season you are travelling to Rovaniemi check the weather forecast as temperatures can dip down to subzero temperatures in winter as the city is situated on the Arctic Circle and the weather can be unpredictable at times. If you are feeling a little daring and fancy conquering one of the biggest ski slopes in this region take a drive down to Kuusamo and see what the bear friendly city has to offer you. Read the car hire reviews in Rovaniemi to see how Auto Europe matched up to previous customers expectations.

    How is the traffic in Rovaniemi?

    The roads in Rovaniemi are quite and in good condition considering the extreme weather at times, unlike other European cities you do not have to pre plan your day trip as they are not that many cars on the roads around Rovaniemi so it is congestion free. If you are travelling in the peak of winter it is best to preplan and check on the weather conditions as in some parts of Rovaniemi snows chain will be needed as this part of Finland does have heavy snow. Car hire in Rovaniemi is the ideal way of conquering this extreme terrain and enjoy the wonderful ambient surroundings, enquire about 4x4 vehicles as they would be ideal and perfect for Rovaniemi. Generally the traffic in Rovaniemi is quiet and you do not face busy periods waiting in traffic, if you are travelling from city to city you can check online for any roadwork diversions or delays but on a day to day basis the traffic is good. Holiday makers enjoy the peaceful experience of driving in Rovaniemi as there is virtually no traffic at all, but if you travel down to Helsinki normal European traffic resumes where pre-planning will be required as it a city full of hustle and bustle and peak time traffic delays usually occur first thing in the morning or in the afternoons.

    Where can I park my car hire in Rovaniemi?

    Parking your car on any main road in or around the center of Rovaniemi is chargeable, meters are provided on the sides of the road and it usually costs roughly 1.40 euros per hour. Certain car parks in the center of Rovaniemi are free of charge, look for a car park called free 24h public parking which is secure and always has plenty of car parking spaces available daily. Alternatively there are numerous car park facilities available throughout Rovaniemi which you can pre-book and reserve before arriving making your trip more convenient when visiting. Please be advised the tickets purchased within the city center for parking cannot be used at the airport or the train stations as they have they have a different method of rules and regulations for parking within these areas. Parking spots are available near most highly visited tourist spots so be rest assured that you will find suitable parking which will suit your needs and preference as the traffic level within Rovaniemi is always at a low number throughout the year.

    Rovaniemi Airport

    Rovaniemi city center is situated roughly 5.2 miles from Rovaniemi Airport which is considered to be one of the busiest airports in Finland. The airport has been operational since 1940 with two runways operational under one terminal. Rovaniemi Airport is a lively affair when winter arrives as it is officially known as Santa’s home airport and the airport take great pride in this and go out of their way to make everyone traveling through this airports experience a wonderful at that. If you are lucky enough you will see Santa and his Elf’s walking through the airport during Christmas time, you never know you might get a little extra present before the big day. The airport itself caters for everyone’s needs and requirements; the airport is fully equipped with all the facilities one would need from duty free shopping to relaxing cafes serving hot meals and drinks to give you that inner warmth of being in such a special and beautiful city. If you are travelling with children and are waiting for your flight take full advantage of the children’s playground situated within the airport which also includes Santa’s own post office to send him all your letters.

    Rovaiemi Airport (RVN)
    Official Name: Rovaniemi Aeroport
    Address: 96101 Rovaniemi, Finland
    Telephone: +358 207 086 506
    Airlines Operating at Rovaniemi Airport: Airlines operational at Rovaniemi Airport: International and local flights are regularly available from Rovaniemi Airport and flights operating are Finnair, British Airways and Lufthansa.

    What to do in Rovaniemi

    Rovaniemi is officially known as the home of Santa Claus, a city which with so much to discover and live out your childhood dream of meeting Santa Claus himself. Rovaniemi was literally destroyed in the Second World War with nothing but ruins and ashes smoldering left after the war. Since the World War the city has slowly rebuilt itself and become one of the world’s most desirable places to visit. Auto Europe are always one step ahead to make your experience even more special when you rent a car in Rovaniemi making your trip more pleasurable, 4x4 vehicles are considered to be the chosen type for Rovaniemi’s rough terrain in the winter seasons and suppliers can also provide snow chains if needed. The ambient atmosphere in Rovaniemi adds to the feeling of being in such a special place with hardly any traffic and just a relaxed environment. Let Auto Europe help you with making this visit to Santa’s home as magical as possible.

    • Santa Claus Village – Start your visit at Santa’s home with a day out at the Santa Claus Village, an experience which will leave you and your family with good memories. The theme park is full of exciting things to do for adults and children all year round, get yourself a program for the day which will help you in planning your day around the village and making the most out of your day here. If you are lucky enough you might be able to visit Santa Claus Official grotto, you might even come across the elf’s walking through the park busy working making the place as special as it could be for you to enjoy, laugh and take in the scenery. If you are lucky enough to be visiting between the months of April and September you might be able to see the northern lights on a clear night from the village which will make your visit amazing. If you are planning on staying the night at Santa’s village you need to have a look at the amazing hotels on offer as they will blow your mind, The glass resort hotel and the Arctic Tree House Hotel are considered to be some of the best hotels at the village with a view which make you want to stay forever.

    • Arktikum – The Arktikum museum opened its doors to the general public in 1992, with a mind blowing glass corridor to walk through as you enter the building. An amazing museum with lots of interesting facts and information on culture, geology, history and science, walk through the various exhibitions on show from the history of Lapland to the information about the Northern lights. The museum also offers plenty of interactive stuff for children to take part in and enjoy making learning about history fun. Once you have conquered the museum you can relax in the café with a panoramic ceiling and enjoy the foods on offer all locally sourced and reasonably priced and maybe venture in to the gift shop for a quick present for family or friends.

    • Ounasvaara – If you are packing your skis and looking for a local hilly resort look no further, Ounasvaara ticks all the boxes if you are travelling in the summer you have the options of mountain biking or hiking with experienced guides on hand to help and take lead. Alternatively if you are travelling to Rovaniemi in the winter do not forget to pack your skies as Ounasvaara packs a punch when it comes to hitting the right spot for a little skiing. The scenery around the hill is breathtaking with fresh crisp air giving you that feeling of being on top of this world and traveling down the hill you have numerous routes which you can take either through the forest or by the frozen river. Chair lifts are available to take you back to the top of the hill and operate non-stop during light hours in the day. A hotel is also available near the hilltop if you wished to stay over at a reasonable price and offering the warmth you will need after a long day skiing out in the open cold weather. Food and drinks are available within the hotel and make sure you take full advantage of the Sauna and Spa center located within the hotel to make you relax and prepare yourself for the following day.

    • Ranua – The zoo opened its door for the first time in 1983 and has become a central point for tourists to visit and witness some of the most beautiful animals on our planet. This one of very few zoos which holds animals such as the Moose, Polar Bear, Musk Ox and the Snowy Owl which need to be held in a cool but cold environment which Rovaniemi is. Plan your day out and enjoy every feature the zoo has to offer from guided tours around the zoo with an experienced zoologist talking to you about the different animals, their diets and there living cycle and most of all what their benefit is to our environment. The zoo has numerous services available for visitors from campsites for overnight stayers to wildlife safaris. You can go on the website and obtain all the details on the services available within the grounds of the zoo itself. Once you have enjoyed your day out seeing all the animals you can relax at one of the eateries available either the Wild Arctic Restaurant or the Café White Swan whom all serve food and drinks throughout the opening times of the zoo. Tickets can be purchased in advance online giving you a chance to gain a discount booking directly on the Ranua Zoo website. A popular site not to be missed, make Ranua zoo a part of your road trip adventure in Rovaniemi.

    Best day trips with my car rental in Rovaniemi

    Auto Europe always want you to have the best experience visiting new destinations, so we have put together some ideas for places for you to visit.

    Santa Claus Office

    Santa Claus office is the place where Santa Claus lives in Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi, you can meet Santa Claus for meet and great and leave a smile on your children’s faces for years to come with the loving memory they got to meet the Santa Claus himself. Winter season is generally a lot busier than summer either way Santa is always available to meet you. Pictures can be taken but only by the staff available at the sight which you can purchase after meeting Santa. The atmosphere at Santa’s office will leave you all chin wagging for days and years to come as you share your experience with friends and family. This venue is a must to visit to create more dreams for young and old the same and to leave feeling loved by the one and only Santa Claus. The entrance to meeting Santa Claus is free of charge but a small fee is required if you wish to purchase any photographs or short video recordings made of your visit

    Oulanka National Park

    If you enjoy hiking this park will fit the bill perfectly for you, the rugged terrain and scenery add on to the experience of the hike, throughout the year you can hiker guides who will travel with you and show you some of the most beautiful scenes nature can provide. This track is not for the faint hearted and is not easy, the total length of the hike is about 82km which can be covered in about 5 days. The best advice is to take you time and not rush through the hike as it is definitely a challenge even for the experienced hikers. The basecamp has a very good reputation and a good place to get advice and a nice warm meal and drink after your hike. The rivers around the hike are amazing but you cannot drink from them and the water would need to be boiled before consuming to kill any parasites in the water. If you are looking for peace this hike is definitely worth a blister or two as it will leave you speechless being out in the open and witnessing nature act out its best. Friendly locals and the tracks are well set out as this is a popular site for hikers, if you wish to go on an excursion but are unsure of where to begin you can hire a guide to join along and take you on short or long journeys through the wilderness. The only thing requested from the National Park is respect the wilderness you have had a chance of experiencing.

    Rovaniemi Church

    A beautifully structured church which still holds congress daily, if you are lucky enough you might hear the mind blowing pianist playing at the church will leave you in a trance like fixation on how beautiful it all sounds. You can join the local tours around the church which happen several times a day free of charge to enjoy the ambience of this religious iconic building. The interior décor of the building will leave you speechless as there is a graveyard situated next to the church with graves dating back to World War 11, an eerie but amazing experience to feel a part of Rovaniemi community. The church is fully operational to this date and still holds groups, mass and general gatherings to enjoy and take part in daily activities throughout the day. The church was originally built in 1817 but was burnt down during the World War in 1944, the current church was rebuilt and opened its doors again to masses by 1950. The Rovaniemi church is a popular religious venue for locals and visitors.

    Geographical information and history

    Rovaniemi is situated 4 miles from the Arctic Circle and is between the hills Ounasvaara and Korkalovaara giving it a beautiful scenic touch in all angles leaving a ambient feeling for whoever visits. The city was destroyed in the Second World War leaving nothing behind but ashes after most of the buildings where burnt down during the war by the opposing army. Since the war Rovaniemi has rebuilt itself and become a highly visited place by tourists wanting to experience the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. The weather in Rovaniemi goes from one extreme to another during the different seasons, winter months can see heavy snowfall for days and summer time you will get average tempratures of 20 degrees and above so it is always best to pre-plan your visit so you are fully equipped for the weather. The main reason for tourists flocking to Rovaniemi is to visit Santa Claus and for snow sport lovers as this part of Finland has heavy snowfalls and excellent skiing resorts catering for all the adrenalin lovers.

    How to get around Rovaniemi


    Santa line is one of the most popular taxi services operating in Rovaniemi, and they provide a high class service 24 hours a day throughout the whole of Rovaniemi and also operate from Rovaniemi airport for customers who wish to be taken to hotels and the city center of Rovaniemi. Numerous other taxi firms also operate daily in and around the city center, prices may vary so it would be good to ask your hotel or tourist board which are the recommended companies to use.


    All the information on bus routes and services can be found online, alternately buses are available from the airport taking you directly to Santa Claus Village. Bus 8 operates back and forth from the airport to the center of Rovaniemi daily, information is available for overnight which are available to cities nearby regularly. Normal bus routine stops its services at 11pm every night and buses do not operate through certain days in winter if snowfall is heavy.

    Car Hire

    Car rental in Rovaniemi is available either from the airport or downtown Rovaniemi making your journey more convenient. Car rental in Rovaniemi has been easy for you with the help of Auto Europe. For further information on Car hire please speak to one of the advisors at Auto Europe or alternately look on our site.

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