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    Luxury Car Rentals Worldwide

    Luxury Car Hire in Austria

    Welcome to Austria - a colourful picture book with Alpine scenery and imperial architecture gems, where old aristocracy traces enrich its capital Vienna with a distinctive, stylish aura. In Austria, opt for our luxury car hire selected with great care - a presentable Porsche, powerful Range Rovers or a sleek Mercedes, and many other high-style cars. Travellers can experience how generous the nature has been to Austria in any time of the year. It is abundant in luxurious ski centres, such as Kitzbuehel, world's largest ice-caves and mountain lakes waiting for a curious traveller. Tour this beautiful country of world-famous classical composers, elegant palaces and delightful gardens in a luxury car hire from Auto Europe. A stop in Vienna to taste its original Sachertorte and Viennese coffee is an absolute sweet necessity! Another must-see place is Salzburg. Mozart's birthplace will enchant you with amazing vistas from its fortress, its baroque charm, and an overall present, scrumptious detail - Mozartkugeln.

    Meet & Greet service

    One of the advantages of hiring a prestige car with Auto Europe is our Meet and Greet Service. We will meet you at the airport, train station or a harbour, and take you directly to your car. Queuing, followed by significant delays at times, is now a history with our Meet and Greet Service.


    Car hire can be even a smoother experience with our delivery service - especially tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. Choose a car of your preference from our prestige fleet of vehicles, and relax. Whatever the destination in Austria you will be in, the car will be delivered directly to your door.

    Guaranteed Make and Model

    A luxury car hire in Austria from Auto Europe is a top-notch service that guarantees the very car make and model you would like to book along with a smooth delivery of the desired vehicle. Our luxury car hire is offered in France and its beautiful capital Paris as well.

    Our luxury car hire team is happy to advise you on all aspects and requirements with regard to suppliers, local fees for extra services, and credit card requirements. Feel free to contact us and present us with your itinerary and the desired car. Our team will not only advise you on car hire, but also prepare a custom-tailored car rental package to ensure you a pleasant driving experience.

    Traffic Regulations

    In Austria it is driven on the right side of the road as in the most European countries. When driving a car hire in Austria it is mandatory to have seat belts fastened at all times. The use of mobile phone without a hands-free system is prohibited. You will find petrol stations open 24/7 in most big cities in Austria, while in smaller towns their regular working hours are from 8am to 8pm. Austrian high-ways are not toll-free. All cars using the "autobahn" must display a high-way toll sticker available in numerous petrol stations and shops. Parking discs that are needed to park your rental car can be obtained in banks, shops, and automated machines in the parking area.

    Time, Currency, and Electricity

    Austria belongs to the Central European Time Zone. The time difference between the UK and Austria is +1, which means it is always one hour later in Austria than in the UK. The only accepted currency when paying in cash is Euro. Money can be exchanged in banks and exchange offices. Austrian voltage standard does not differ from the UK one. However, please note that you will need an adapter in order to be able to use your electrical appliances in Austria.

    Popular Luxury Car Hire Locations in Austria