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    Prestige Car Hire in France

    Luxury Car Rentals Worldwide
    Luxury Car Rentals Worldwide

    Luxury Car Hire in France 

    Imagine that you could travel in France without a hassle or any queues at the car rental desks. Just you and your travel happening as you have planned it. Let us cater for your luxury car hire in France and ensure your leisure stay in the French Riviera or during your business trip to Paris. Share your travel plans with us and we will make it happen.

    We specialise in customer-tailored luxury car hire in France to deliver an ultimate travel experience. If you wish, we can assist you from the moment you arrive in the country until your departure. It is up to you which of our outstanding services you choose.

    Meet & greet service

    Let us take you to your car directly from the airport terminal or harbour. This way, you are going to avoid queuing at the rental desk and the paper work, and will be able to start your journey without delay in one of the premium cars from our prestige fleet.


    Wherever you decide to begin your trip in France, we can deliver our sports and luxury cars there. Be it Cannes' harbour, the Marseille Airport, or a hotel in Nice, we can arrange your special vehicle delivery according to your holiday itinerary.

    Guaranteed make and model

    Apart from our pick-up and delivery services, you are sure to receive a vehicle of a guaranteed make and model! Luxury car hire in France from Auto Europe is a prime service of supplying you with the exact car you have in mind in any place you like. Our fleet includes, among others, such exquisite brands as Aston Martin, Lamborghini, or Maserati. Take a look at the supreme vehicles you can drive in France and choose one for your next stay!

    Contact us with your itinerary and desired car you would like to hire. We will be happy to prepare a tailored luxury car hire service to meet your highest expectations. Our flexible 3 days notice cancellation policy allows you to change your plans last minute without incurring any extra costs. Upon contacting us, our prestige car hire team will advise you on all requirements from the suppliers, local fees for extra services like deliveries, and credit card requirements for the pick-up.

    Traffic Regulations

    France has one of the most extensive road networks in Europe. As a bordering country with many important European states, it receives a large amount of international traffic. Tolls are collected for using motorways and a car must be equipped with a mandatory breathalyser. On-street parking is paid and time-restricted in most of the cities.

    Time, currency, and electricity

    Continental France and Corsica lay within the Central European Time Zone, and as such, are one hour ahead of Great Britain. You will need euros while paying in cash in France. While the voltage is the same in France as in the UK, you will need an adapter to be able to use your electrical appliances in France.

    Popular Luxury Car Hire Locations in France

    Courchevel Paris

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