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    A Summer holiday in Nuremberg

    Over the weekend I came across a photo album from the the first trip I made out of the country. Germany, 2001. Most precisely, Nuremberg. It was a family trip. Me and my sister decided we finally were poor no longer (or not so poor that we couldn’t afford a weekend abroad) and off we went to Germany.

    The theory was, since I had studied German in school, we’d get by easily. That was a lovely fiction while it lasted… However, we were lucky to find out most people spoke at least passable English and many of the guided tours were in English.

    We picked up a car hire in Nuremberg and started by visiting the Nazi Party Rally Grounds, which offer a chilling glimpse into history, with lots of documentation about the Nazi Party rise to power. Though to be honest, what makes it so daunting isn’t all the documents and pictures and videos, so much as picturing the grounds themselves filled with 80,000 Nazis being all cheerful. Just saying.

    We also visited the Albrecht Durer house, cause my sister is sort of an art buff. It was nice, I suppose. It’s a house. As payback I made her climb all the way to Nuremberg Castle with me. It’s exhausting, but well worth the trip, the view over the city is lovely and the guided tour of the castle was also a lot of fun.

    We still had time to squeeze in a tour of Subterranean Nuremberg, which took us under the city into old beer cellars and modern bunkers. They actually offered us beer at the end of the tour, so that was definitely a win.

    We also managed to explore a bit of the region with our Germany car hire, but I’d definitely love to go back with a bit more time and see some more of the country. Any suggestions of places to visit in Germany? What are your favourite attractions in this charming European country?

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