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    Andiamo in Italia! (Let's go to Italy!)

    Italy is our destination of the month this April with Auto Europe’s great car hire hire rates from £20 per day!

    Italy is one of those countries that is exploding with culture. The different cities and towns have something different to give to a traveler’s experience. Being the capital, Rome has all these bites of history scattered around the city, and when you find one you can just stand in awe for hours on end imagining what it would be like to have lived in that time and how the architecture of these beautiful buildings would have looked. Milan is the capital of the fashion and design world, so if you can tell your Gucci from your Viarucci then this is definitely the place to be. Now, if you want to be more daring and see a city where almost the entire transport system is on water, then Venice will certainly be one of the must-see places on your list. There are so many other places too, such as Florence, Naples and even day trips to Sicily, if you dare go up the ever-dormant Mount Etna. A hire car would be useful if you want to travel all around as you will be able to explore at your own relaxed pace, so you are never left short of an adventure if you choose to discover Italy.

    I just had to visit Rome and it was one of the most fascinating cities I have ever been to. After we checked into our hotel, my friends and I decided to drive to the city. It seemed that everywhere we turned there was some kind of ruin of a temple or an old piece of architecture. We parked a little out of the city center and wandered some of the side streets. There were gorgeous Italian shops, which sold different kinds of trinkets and souvenirs.

    There are a fair few hills to walk up in Rome, so if you are planning on exploring by foot, take sensible footwear. As we turned around the corner we were greeted by the sound of running water. The Trevi Fountain was so beautiful and was one of the ancient aqueducts that supplied water in ancient Rome. This is also an absolute must-see at night because the entire fountain is lit up with spotlights. We carried on wandering around the side streets until we were all dying for some food, so we found a restaurant and shared a lunch of pizzas, pastas, bread, sausages, cakes, coffee, I could go on forever.

    We had to get up and walk off all the carbs we just consumed. We walked up some steps of a huge hill, which we were later told was Palatine Hill. This is the centre most of the Seven Hills of Rome. I love Greek and Roman Mythology so I was interested in the mythical history of Romulus and Remus, whom were found in the cave Lupercal here, and is believed how Rome got its name. Looking out across the hill we could see the ruins of the Temple of Venus and Roma and if we looked to our right, there it was, one of the wonders of the world, The Coliseum. It made my holiday.

    Those were just a taster of the sights in Rome, there are so many more in and around the city, why not think about visiting and learning about Greek and Roman Mythology, or go and admire the beautiful architectural ruins that have been left that give the city such a sense of being. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not get a hire car and explore one of the cities close to Rome such as Napoli, Pisa or L’Aquila.

    Have you been to Italy? Did you discover something you want to share? Let us know!

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